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Cryptocurrency scam. The police warn: he wanted to invest, he lost PLN 200,000

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A resident of the Choroszcz commune near Białystok lost PLN 200,000. The man fell victim to manipulation by a criminal claiming to be a cryptocurrency broker, the Provincial Police Headquarters in Białystok announced on Friday.

Officers said the case began a month ago when the 70-year-old was called by a man with an Eastern accent who claimed to be a cryptocurrency broker. The scammer offered to place money on an investment platform. Due to the fact that a resident of the Choroszcz commune had dealt with such investments before, he agreed to such cooperation.

“The alleged broker informed the 70-year-old that there was money for him that he once left in an investment account. He also assured him that if he added more money, his account would increase,” the officers added.

Cryptocurrency scam

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Following the instructions of the alleged broker, the man installed remote control applications on his devices. The scammer also wanted a photo of the documents, but the 70-year-old did not agree to it.

It turned out that the victim’s investment account, but also on others, “began to take place many transactions”, deposits and withdrawals of various amounts. Fearing financial losses, the man blocked his payment cards and ID card and wanted to end this cooperation. At the request of the alleged broker, who assured him that he would return the money, he nevertheless agreed to turn on the computer; then his accounts started to be used again, he received text messages confirming transactions on his phone.

Another scammer also called him, assuring that the money would be returned, but the 70-year-old must cooperate. Eventually, however, he notified the police. The man lost 200,000 zloty.

Another scam

This is another case in the region where alleged investments in cryptocurrencies it’s a scam and they end up with big financial losses.

In early August, the police reported that 700,000 PLN was lost by a 43-year-old resident of the Michałowo commune near Białystok, convinced that he invests money in cryptocurrencies via an investment platform. The scenario of the alleged brokers was very similar, financial operations were carried out using an application for remote operation of devices.

Nearly 350,000 PLN was lost in the same way by a 75-year-old from the vicinity of Siemiatycze.

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