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Cuba is asking for help from the UN World Food Program. The country needs powdered milk for children

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The Cuban government has requested assistance from the UN World Food Program (WFP) to provide powdered milk for children under seven years of age. This – according to the BBC – is the first time in history that Cuba has asked for such help.

Milk and other basic food products on Cuba are sold in sheets, at subsidized prices. The rationing system was first introduced in 1962, when the US imposed sanctions on the country.

The BBC reported that the Cuban government turned to the World Food Program for help for the first time in history UN (WFP).

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According to the government in Havana United States are still responsible for the terrible state of the island’s economy. However, critics of the communist authorities claim that the current economic crisis – the worst in three decades – is due to poor management.

“Alarming shortages”

Last year – the BBC website recalled on Thursday – Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca said that employees lacked a “culture of productivity”. He emphasized that “labor is needed to produce food.” – We are waiting for food deliveries, but we are not doing anything to produce it – he said.

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Inflation in Cuba is around 30%. The island – emphasized the emigration portal Periodico Cubano on Friday – suffers not only from a lack of bread, milk and electricity. It is also experiencing “alarming shortages” of over 270 drugs and medical supplies, including antibiotics and hygiene products such as sanitary pads.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Ernesto Mastrascusa

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