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Cuba. Protests in July. 584 manifestations

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Poverty, difficulties in accessing food, drugs and vaccines against COVID-19. For these reasons, a wave of protests swept through Cuba in July. According to estimates by the Cuban Observatory for Conflicts, at least 187,000 people took part in them.

According to the estimates of the Cuban Conflict Observatory (OCC) published on Wednesday, a total of 584 demonstrations in Cuba were organized by people dissatisfied with the government’s policy in Havana in July. This is a huge increase in both the number of protests and the number of participants since June, when the island saw 249 protests involving just 1,600 people.


Cuban media reports that many mothers of young opposition activists have received threats from security services in recent days over anti-government sentiment on the island. According to women’s testimonies, the regime in Havana is threatening their children with arrest if they join street protests.

Cubans took to the streets Reuters

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There are no reports of the number of those arrested

Other independent portals, Periodico Cubano and CiberCuba, report that cases involving certain participants in the island’s July demonstrations find a “happy solution” if they are widely publicized on the internet.

There is still no precise information on the number of people arrested during the July protests. On Saturday, the Cuban Human Rights Observatory (OCDH) reported that at least 906 people were imprisoned or missing after the July protests. However, she noted that this number may be higher.

Manifestations in CubaReuters

The protests in Cuba that broke out on July 11 were related to increasing poverty and difficulties in accessing food, medicine and vaccines against COVID-19. Although they were of a peaceful nature, they were pacified by the security forces and police forces, whose numerous officers mingled with the crowd, pretending to be civilians.

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