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Cuba. Russian ships left Havana

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Russian warships have sailed from the Cuban capital, CNN reported on Monday. Commentators assessed their presence near US territory as a show of force in retaliation for Western support for Ukraine.

As CNN reported on Monday, Russian warships began to depart from Havana, the capital Cuba, where they had been staying since June 12. The Kazan submarine was the first to leave the port of Havana with the help of tugboats. Then three other Russian units also sailed out of it, including the frigate Admiral Gorshkov.

It was the largest group of Russian ships visiting Cuba in years. It is unclear where Russian units will go next. In early June, American officials expressed the suspicion that they might visit Venezuelawhich is also ruled by a socialist regime friendly to Russia.

Presence background

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The AP agency linked the presence of the ships in the Atlantic to threats from the Russian dictator Vladimir Putinthat it will take “asymmetric steps” in retaliation for the president's decision USA Joe Biden allowing Ukraine to use American weapons to strike Russian territoryto defend Kharkov.

The US authorities do not consider the presence of Russian ships in the Atlantic to be a threat, but they are closely monitoring the movements of these vessels, Reuters reported last week, citing an American government source.

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According to commentators, Russia has been deepening cooperation with Cuba in recent months. He criticized the regime in Havana on Friday decision of the leaders of the G7 countries about granting Ukraine a loan of USD 50 billion, which will be repaid from the interest generated by frozen Russian state assets.

Despite its official pacifist and anti-imperialist rhetoric and traditional friendship with Ukraine, Cuba has repeated the Kremlin's narrative from the beginning of the Russian invasion, accusing the US and the West of starting the war and fueling it by supplying arms to Kiev.

Main photo source: Reuters

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