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Cuba. Russians in Havana. An American ship right next to it

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“Navy submarine United States arrived at Guantanamo Bay on Cuba as a show of strength as a fleet of Russian warships gathers for planned military exercises in the Caribbean,” AP reports.

Submarine nuclear powered – USS “Helena”, entered the waters near the American base in Cuba on Thursday, reported the United States Southern Command. This happened just a day after Russian ships entered the Cuban port of Havana.

According to AP, the stopover is part of a “routine port visit” during the submarine's voyage through the Southern Command region.

Cuba. The Russians are flexing their muscles

“Russian warships appeared in the port of Havana” – Reuters reported on Wednesday. The first to reach the Cuban port were the tanker “Academic Pashin” and the ship “Nikolay Chiker”. The next to arrive were the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” and the nuclear submarine “Kazan”.

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Footage of warships in a Cuban port was released on Wednesday afternoon Russian Ministry of Defense. “Over the next few days, support ship crews will take part in a number of meetings, they will have the opportunity to relax and see local attractions” – the Russian Ministry of Defense reported at the time.

As indicated, before reaching the port, the ships trained “with the use of missile weapons.” The Kazan nuclear submarine is capable of carrying 533 mm caliber torpedoes and Oniks and Kalibr missiles. On Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that The ships took part in exercises in the Atlantic Ocean.

Russian ships in a Cuban port. The US responds

Last week, the Cuban authorities announced that four Russian ships would appear in their ports.

“The visit fits in in historically friendly relations between Cuba and Russia and is strictly consistent with international rules,” the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized in a statement. The authorities also indicated that Russian ships will not carry nuclear weapons.

Jake Sullivan, national security adviser, referring to the appearance of the ships in Cuba, said that the situation is being monitored. American intelligence had already expected a similar move from Russia.

The US authorities are monitoring the movement of Russian ships and planes, that are heading to the Caribbean, to take part in maneuvers there in the coming weeks,” the AP reported last week, citing sources in the US administration.

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