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Cumbre Vieja, Canary Islands. The lava is approaching the houses, the evacuation of several hundred people

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Lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano reaches this area of ​​La Palma, which has so far resisted the destructive elements. The authorities ordered the evacuation of several hundred inhabitants.

Canary Islands authorities ordered 700-800 residents of the La Laguna area to vacate their homes. The reason is the approach of the lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano to inhabited areas.

– We were forced to evacuate a new area. Lava moves slowly. People should have time to take their papers, personal belongings and anything of value, said Miguel Angel Morcuende, director of Pevolca, a committee set up to minimize the losses associated with a volcanic eruption.

– The lava path leads to the house of my aunt and grandparents. We’re taking things out before this demon gets here. At least what we can, because you cannot fight nature – said the inhabitant of La Palma.

The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcanoPAP / EPA / Elvira Urquijo A.

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The Spanish National Geological Institute said there were 64 seismic quakes on Tuesday. The strongest had a magnitude of 4.1.

However, people who had to evacuate on Monday due to lava entering industrial plants in the Camino de la Gata district were allowed to return to their homes. These plants produced, among others, furniture and chemicals. On Monday, the local cement plant burned down completely, as a result of which toxic gases were released into the air.

The cement plant in La Palma burned down completely. The fire was caused by the lava from Cumbre ViejaPAP / EPA / Elvira Urquijo

Cement plant in La Palma in a cloud of smokePAP / EPA / Elvira Urquijo A.

Restless since September 19

The lava from the eruption that began on September 19 caused damage to an area of ​​almost 600 hectares. Almost 1,200 buildings were burnt in over three weeks. The total number of evacuated residents is over six thousand people.

Cumbre Vieja spits lavaPAP / EPA / Elvira Urquijo A.

PAP, tvnmeteo.pl, Reuters

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Elvira Urquijo A.

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