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Cumbre Vieja, La Palma. The volcano is weakening. However, this does not mean that the eruption will end soon

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The Cumbre Vieja volcano has started to weaken, says the Spanish National Institute of Volcanology (IGN). There are fewer seismic tremors in the region and the air is less polluted. According to experts, however, this does not mean the end of the eruption any time soon.

Spanish volcanologists agree that the strength of the volcano Cumbre Vieja, active since September 19, is weakening. They indicate a reduction in the number and strength of earthquakes in the volcano area in La Palma and an improvement in air quality.

The eruption continues

According to the head of the Canarian branch of the Spanish National Institute of Volcanology (IGN) Maria Jose Blanco on Tuesday, the opinion about the gradual weakening of Cumbre Vieja is confirmed by experts from several research centers.

However, she emphasized that it is still difficult to precisely indicate the period in which the Canarian volcano will be extinguished.

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– Despite the marked weakening of Cumbre Vieja’s activity, it should not be expected that its eruption will end in a short time – said Blanco.

Less pollution in the air

In the opinion of volcanologists from IGN, the premise for the claim that the volcanic eruption is slowing down may also be the decreasing amount of sulfur dioxide in the air – three thousand tons a day. In October, the level of this compound exceeded 30,000 tons per day.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday afternoon, La Palma officials announced that as air quality improved on Wednesday, classes in the southwest of the island would be resumed. Schools have been closed since Friday.

Along with lower volcanic smoke emissions on Wednesday, La Palma airport is also expected to return to full operation.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / STR

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