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“Customization”? Manipulated photo of Joe Biden from Warsaw

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A reworked photo of Joe Biden with children is circulating on social media. The Ukrainian flag held by one of the boys was changed to a rainbow flag. Internet users are also spreading a false message – the photo was supposed to be manipulated by people guided by political correctness.

“And tick processing for own needs. And it was nice, American…”; “How did they do it, what else?”; “Unusual comment” – wrote on February 25 and 26 Polish Twitter users who sent a photo of Joe Biden with children taken on February 21 in Warsaw. In addition to the authentic photo, Internet users also published its altered version supposedly published on the Twitter profile of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center – an American organization working for the LGBT community. In the remake, instead of the face of a white-skinned boy, a child, presumably from India, is shown. Another boy, holding the flag of Ukraine, was given a rainbow flag. “Photos taken during a visit to Poland, altered for the old man’s ‘own’ needs” – read the comment on one of the alterations.

Polish Internet users spread a message that hits Joe BidenTwitter

Internet users commenting on the photos on the Internet suggested that an unspecified “they” were responsible for the alteration – probably Americans driven by political correctness or even working for Biden’s future election campaign. “They really don’t see how clumsy they are with this propaganda?”; “Primitive propaganda aimed at a stupid society”; “Slava LGBT, Slava BLM. Democrats are campaigning for future elections” – there were comments under one of the entries.

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There is no sign of a similar illustration on social media of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, and a representative of the organization denies that it has anything to do with her. The artwork cannot be found in any other reliable sources either. In recent days, the edited photo has been sent out in many languages ​​- mainly on Twitter, but also on Telegram and blogs.

Manipulation distributed in several languages

Polish posts using the conversion were no exception. At the same time, the same photos were circulating in the network, often with a more extensive commentary. The oldest post we could find was posted on Twitter on February 22 in English. It was a day after Joe Biden’s speech in Warsaw. The next entry, also from Twitter and also from February 22, is in German. “It must be colorful and diverse!” – commented its author ironically.

The edited photo was sent by the owners of profiles run in different languagesTwitter

Subsequent posts were published from February 23 to 26 in Russian, Spanish and Czech. You can find them on Twitter and Telegram. We also found Russian-language notes on blog platforms. “LGBT propaganda changed the nationality of the kid,” argued the author of the entry on February 23 Politikus.info. “The Ukrainian boy in the photo with Biden was too white for the American media. And he was photoshopped as Indian just in case,” wrote a user on February 23 livejournal.com.

In written Czech tweet of February 25, there was an extensive accusation against Biden of using the photo for the purposes of the election campaign. “As expected, Biden’s trip to Poland was the beginning of his campaign. There, it was immediately decided to take some photos for the leaflets, but they lacked a background. Trying to capture more voters, the “Ukrainian” kids had to be slightly framed from the photo shoot, “she argued the author of the entry.

Sacramento LGBT Community Center: “Looks like both tweet and photo are fake”

On February 21, just after Joe Biden’s speech in front of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, children of different origins and skin colors approached the American president and posed for joint photos. One of the photos was taken by Mandel Nghan, a photographer working for the AFP agency. This photo was used in press coverage – in the media Norwegian, French Whether british. It is this photo that is now being sent by social media users.

According to Internet users, a reworked version of the same photo was to be published on the Twitter profile Sacramento LGBT Community Center. It is an organization supporting the LGBT community in Sacramento, the capital of California, operating since the late 1970s. We have not found any trace of her on her Twitter profile or any other social media profile.

“The tweet you sent us is not something our organization created or shared, it appears both the tweet and the photo are fake,” Priya Kumar, communication and marketing manager of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, replied to our email.

Manipulations targeting Joe Biden

On the occasion of Joe Biden’s visit to Poland, Internet users also created other manipulations to present Joe Biden as a cynic or an incompetent person. February 22 in Konkret24 we described a popular recordingwhich was allegedly created during Biden’s visit to Poland. The president of the United States was about to admit to cheating during a press briefing that had just ended. This is fake news – the video has been manipulated.

Similar manipulations regularly appear on social media. In December 2022 we described how the president of the United States became the victim of prankswhen a recording appeared on the network in which he leaves a joint press conference with Volodymyr Zelensky while he is still speaking. The manipulated video came from a Russian propaganda channel.

Author:Krzysztof Jablonowski

Main photo source: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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