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Cyber ​​attack on Hungarian servers. Russia could have obtained information about NATO

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In mid-May, the 444.hu portal published documents confirming that this took place in 2022 a large-scale attack by Russian hackers on the IT system HungarianPolish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Viktor Orban's government denied at the time that such an attack had taken place. However, recently published documents show that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had knowledge about them.

Russian cyberattack on Hungary. “A disturbing lack of response”

– The hack into the IT system of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not an exceptional phenomenon in itself – says Buda. More disturbing is, according to him, no reaction from Orban's government.

Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs it did not summon the Russian ambassador in connection with the attack, although he often calls Western diplomats for much less serious matters, Hungarian media note.

– In case of a cyber attack deterrence is the priority. The essence of deterrence is to make the attacking party feel that we have noticed what they have done and that we need to draw a red line, the analyst says.

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Although it is not known exactly what information the Russians had access to, according to Buda, the possible acquisition of personal or financial data may then be used to recruit agents.

Cyber ​​attack on Hungary. Russia could have obtained information about NATO

Moreover, the Russians could obtain information on information infrastructure NATO – says the expert. As he notes, the attack took place even before the aggression Russia already Ukraineand the information gained may have played a role in getting started by The Kremlin war.

– The scale of the Russian cyberattack and the lack of response from the government in Budapest may also have an impact the allies' lack of trust in Hungary – adds the analyst.

The government is in Budapest regularly criticized by Western allies a close contacts with Russia. The head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjarto, met several times with the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrovthe head of Rosatom Alexei Likhachev and other Russian politicians.

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