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Cyclists collided on the path. The 65-year-old died in a hospital in Białystok

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A 65-year-old man, leaving one of the residential roads in Białystok, did not give way to a man riding on a bicycle path. There was a collision. Both cyclists fell. The 65-year-old was taken to hospital. He died there. The police published a recording of the incident and warn against riding a bicycle without a helmet.

The accident occurred on Sunday, May 12, on Sienkiewicza Street in Białystok.

“When riding a bicycle from a residential road, the 65-year-old did not give way to another cyclist who was using the bicycle path correctly,” we read in a statement on the website of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok.

The cyclists collided with each other KMP Białystok

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They were both taken to hospital

As seen in the video published by the uniformed officers, the men collided with each other and fell. They were taken to hospital.

– Unfortunately, the end of this event is tragic – said junior aspirant Malwina Trochimczuk from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok in front of the TVN24 camera.

Collision of cyclists in BiałystokKMP Białystok

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The police appeal to wear helmets

The 65-year-old died in hospital. The policewoman points out that he was not wearing a helmet. He adds that although road traffic law does not require cyclists to wear helmets, he appeals for their use.

– A helmet can protect someone's health and life – he emphasizes.

Police statistics show that since the beginning of the year, there have been 42 collisions and four accidents involving cyclists in the Białystok district, in which three people were injured and one died.

Police: It's worth wearing a helmet

Police: It's worth wearing a helmetKMP Białystok

Main photo source: KMP Białystok

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