Cyclone Freddy. Malawi. Over 300 dead. National mourning has been declared


The number of people killed by Cyclone Freddy is increasing. The element killed at least 326 people in Malawi, the National Office for Disaster Management said on Thursday. More than 700 people are injured and 41 are missing. National mourning was announced, in the 10 southern districts most affected by the cyclone, the government declared a state of natural disaster.

This is the second time Cyclone Freddy has hit mainland Africa. It first attacked Madagascar in late February, followed by Mozambique and Zimbabwe. At the turn of February and March, he returned to the waters of the Mozambique Channel, where he gained strength and struck again. On Monday, it attacked Malawi. The country’s death toll has risen to at least 326, the National Disaster Management Office said on Thursday.

Most of the deaths, including more than 40 children, were reported in the Blantyre area in the south. Mass funerals of the victims of the element have begun. A 14-day national mourning has been declared.

More than 700 people were injured and 41 were missing. In total, more than 400 people died as a result of the cyclone’s passage, including at least 53 in Mozambique and about 27 in Madagascar.

“The girl was stuck up to her head in mud, screaming for help”

The cyclone caused flooding, flooding and landslides. The south of Malawi was the hardest hit. The government has declared a state of emergency in 10 districts. “We’ve got river banks, we’ve got people being carried along by the current, we’ve got buildings collapsing,” a Malawian police spokesman told the BBC.

Dramatic reports from residents come from areas affected by the element. The girl was up to her head in the mud, screaming for help. Although the current in the river was very strong, we managed to cross it. It was very difficult, but we managed to get her out,” one Blantyre resident told the journalist.

Effects of Cyclone Freddy in MalawiReuters

Cyclone Freddy hit MalawiReuters

Problems getting help

Homes, roads and bridges have been damaged, making it difficult to deliver aid. Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera appealed for urgent help and helicopters to deliver food and medicine.

Aid agencies have warned that the damage will exacerbate Malawi’s cholera epidemic.

Malawi after Cyclone FreddyReuters

Cyclone Freddy hit MalawiReuters

President: three devastating cyclones in 13 months

Chakwera stated that international help was needed to rebuild the damaged places. “What happens to us can happen to anyone, anywhere,” he said. He added that “climate change is real.” In thirteen months we have experienced three devastating cyclones,” he told Al-Jazeera reporters.

Freddy is one of the longest-lasting tropical cyclones in recorded history and one of the deadliest in recent years in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.

Cyclone Freddy in a satellite image from March 13PAP/EPA/NASA WORLDVIEW

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