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Czajki, Podlasie. Collision of a police vehicle closing the government column with a civilian car. The injured

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In the village of Czajki in Podlasie, a police car from the Białystok Provincial Police Headquarters, which was escorting a government column, collided with a civilian car. Six people were injured. We received the first information on Kontakt 24.

Spokesman for the State Protection Service, Colonel Bogusław Piórkowski, confirmed that a civilian car collided with a police vehicle, which was the last vehicle of the column. He sent us to the police for details. When asked if the minister was moving in the column Mariusz Blaszczak and Mateusz Morawiecki – who were staying in Krynki in Podlasie that day, near the border with Belarus – he replied that he did not provide such information.

The Provincial Police Headquarters in Białystok reported that the government column safely reached its destination, but “there was a collision of the police vehicle closing the column”. “A civilian vehicle hit a police vehicle” – it was clarified.

Junior Brigadier Piotr Chojnowski, press spokesman for the Provincial Fire Brigade Headquarters in Białystok, reported that information about the accident on the Sokoły-Jeżewo route in Czajki reached the firefighters at 14.49.

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– There was a collision between a police car from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Białystok, which was escorting a government column, and a civilian car. Four people were traveling in the civilian vehicle, two adults, a teenager and a child. The children and their parents were transported to the hospital for examination. Two policemen were injured, one of them seriously, the spokesman said.

Chojnowski informed that a policeman with more serious injuries was transported to the hospital by helicopter, and the other policeman – by ambulance. The firefighter concluded that six people were injured in the incident.

The actions of the fire brigade consisted in securing the scene of the accident. The spokesman stated that he did not provide information about the people who were transported in the government column.

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