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Czech President Milosz Zeman in intensive care

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Czech President Milosz Zeman was again taken to hospital in Prague. The director of the facility informed that he was in the intensive care unit. Earlier, Zeman met with Prime Minister Andrej Babisz. The Reuters agency recalled that elections to the lower house of parliament were held in the Czech Republic, and that the president was to conduct talks on forming a new government.


The president was hospitalized one day after the elections to the Chamber of Deputies Czech Parliament.

Zeman (left) ended up in the intensive care unit MARTIN DIVISEK / PAP / EPA

Hospital director: we know the diagnosis

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Director of the Central Military Hospital in Prague, prof. Miroslav Zavoral told reporters that Zeman was admitted to the hospital on Sunday and is in an intensive care unit. He added that he had not been authorized to present the diagnosis.

“I would like to ask, especially from politicians and journalists, sensitivity in connection with the President’s hospitalization. We can all get sick, then humanity and the best wishes for a quick recovery should be first. This is what our faith and conscience dictate” – he wrote in Jirzi Ovczaczek, spokesman for Zeman, on social media.


Politicians demand more complete information about Zeman’s health

Earlier, also on Sunday, Prime Minister Andrej Babisz came to the Castle in Lany to visit Zeman. Details of the conversation were not released. Ovczaczek only informed that the meeting has nothing to do with the post-election negotiations, which are to begin on Wednesday. After the meeting, which lasted about 45 minutes, Babisz did not comment on its course.

Ovczaczek also confirmed earlier that the president was taken to hospital, but did not provide any details. “On the recommendation of the attending physician, Zeman agreed to hospitalization at the Central Military Hospital in Prague,” he wrote on Twitter.

The President’s Chancellery informs very little about the president’s health condition, pointing to the protection of privacy. However, many politicians demand more complete information on this subject due to the duties of the head of state.

On Friday, before the start of the parliamentary elections, Ovczaczek said on one of the radio stations that the president has been ill for 14 days, but nothing prevents him from fulfilling his constitutional duties. – He is staying in the residence in Lanach and is gaining strength – then Ovczaczek said. He described the information about the president’s serious condition as rumors and disinformation.

Hospital where the President of the Czech Republic was transported MARTIN DIVISEK / PAP / EPA

Stay in Lanach

Zeman, who was originally supposed to vote at the polling station, eventually changed his mind on the doctors’ recommendation and the electoral commission came to him.

According to available information, the president’s condition is associated with diabetes, which caused kidney problems. Since April this year, Zeman only uses a wheelchair. In mid-September, he spent eight days in the hospital for tests and checks. Since then, he has been staying in Lanach, where he held several working meetings with representatives of the government and the opposition. He received there, among others, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

In recent years, Zeman has been in a military hospital several times. Last year he had surgery for a broken arm. In 2019, he spent four days in the hospital for hearing tests. At the Central Military Hospital, Zeman was vaccinated against COVID-19.

Zeman’s bodyguards in front of the Central Military Hospital MARTIN DIVISEK / PAP / EPA

Post-election negotiations

The president’s hospitalization may complicate post-election negotiations. Zeman has repeatedly said that he will entrust talks on the government to the chairman of the strongest parliamentary caucus. The ANO movement of Prime Minister Babisz will have the most deputies, but in the 200-person Chamber of Deputies, the two coalitions of the former opposition have a total of 108 votes, which gives them an advantage. On Saturday evening, the leaders of the two coalitions declared their will to form a new government.

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