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Czech Republic. Leading politicians cast their votes. Parliamentary elections overshadowed by questions about the president’s health

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The most important politicians cast their votes in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, which took place on Friday from 2 p.m. The sick president Milosz Zeman, to whom members of the election commission came with the ballot box, voted at the castle in Lanach near Prague. Media interest accompanied the Prime Minister’s vote. Andrej Babisz considered the ongoing elections to be the most important in the history so far and announced that this would be his last parliamentary election. Voting ends on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Last week officials of the president’s office assured that the president would vote at the seat of the election commission. After the doctors’ visit, the plans were changed and representatives of the election commission came to the head of state together with the mayor of Lan Karl Szkleniczka.


The chairman of the commission, Ivan Salacz, told reporters that the president was doing well, he talked to the commissioners, but not about his health. President’s spokesman, Jirzi Ovczaczek, published three photos of the voting Zeman on Friday.

Elections overshadowed by questions about the president’s health

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The president’s health condition arouses great interest, because the representatives of the law office and doctors speak very little about it, which is criticized by some politicians. They emphasize that the president performs constitutional activities and the public should be informed about his health condition. This is particularly important due to the president’s prerogatives related to the change of government after the ongoing elections. On Friday, on the air of one of the radio stations, Ovczaczek said that Zeman had been sick for 14 days, but that nothing prevented him from fulfilling his constitutional duties. The president recovers in Lanach, where he is regularly visited by the attending physician.

The spokesman said that speculations about the president’s serious condition were rumors and disinformation. He informed that Zeman would not take part in the previously arranged and scheduled for Sunday interview with one of the private television stations. The meeting with Prime Minister Andrej Babisz scheduled for Sunday evening is also uncertain.

Leading Czech politicians voted in the parliamentary elections

Media interest accompanied the Prime Minister’s vote. Babish considered the elections in progress to be the most important in the history so far and announced that it would be his last parliamentary elections. He also said that in the turbulent time, stabilization was needed, and not quarrels in a multi-party coalition about who would take which ministerial position.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej BabiszMARTIN DIVISEK / PAP / EPA

Groups of his opponents and supporters appeared in front of the premises where the Prime Minister cast his vote. A car appeared in front of the city hall displaying videos of people telling about their loved ones who died from COVID-19. The main competitor of Babisz, the leader of the coalition of three right-wing political parties SPOLU, Petr Fiala, told journalists that he was counting on a victory that would end the populist rule. He appealed for voters’ support and their participation in the vote. The leader of the Czech Pirate Party, aspiring to the position of prime minister, which formed a coalition with the Mayors and Independent (STAN) movement, Ivan Bartosz, in line with the election slogan, appealed to people “to turn the Czechs back to the future”. He emphasized that in the elections one decides the future direction of the country’s development.

Main photo source: MARTIN DIVISEK / PAP / EPA

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