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Czech Republic. President Milosz Zeman in a stable condition. Talks on the formation of a government on Wednesday

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A spokeswoman for the Central Military Hospital in Prague, Jitka Zinke, announced on Monday that Milosz Zeman is in a stable condition. The President of the Czech Republic will not meet Prime Minister Andrej Babisz on Wednesday. Earlier, Petr Fiala, who was aspiring to the chair, resigned from attempts to meet the head of state.

President of the Czech Republic Milosz Zeman was hospitalized on Sunday and is in the intensive care unit. It is dealt with by a council of specialist physicians. The details of the diagnosis of the disease or diseases the president suffers from have still not been released. – It is in a stable condition – Jitka Zinke, a spokeswoman for the Central Military Hospital in Prague, said on Monday. However, his meeting with Prime Minister Andrej Babisz will not take place on Wednesday.


Czech President Milosz Zeman was hospitalized on SundayMARTIN DIVISEK / PAP / EPA

In the present situation, Petr Fiala, who was aspiring to the chair, resigned from trying to meet the head of state. The leader of the SPOLU coalition, chairman of the right-wing Civic Democratic Party, which won the most seats among the coalition parties in last week’s parliamentary elections, treated as the future prime minister also by the second coalition – PIRSTAN, composed of the Pirate Party and the Mayors and Independent Movement.

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Fiala said on Monday that the negotiators of the two coalitions will start talks on the formation of the government on Wednesday. He rejected suggestions that he would talk to the leader of the Ano movement, the incumbent Prime Minister Andrej Babisz, about the creation of the new cabinet. Ano obtained the most seats from among the four political entities that brought their deputies to the lower house of parliament, but in terms of the votes cast, the SPOLU coalition came first.

The resignation of Babisz’s cabinet is suspended

Negotiations between the two coalitions, which together have 108 out of 200 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, are conducted without the usual appointment of the chief negotiator by the president. In the unanimous opinion of constitutionalists, they can go on without any obstacles, because it is not a provision resulting from the constitution.

On the other hand, Babisz’s cabinet cannot resign without the president’s participation. This should take place on the day of the first sitting of the new parliament at the latest, which must meet no later than the thirtieth day after the elections. After accepting the resignation of the current government, the president appoints a new prime minister, and on his motion, members of the government.

Negotiators of the SPOLU and PIRSTAN coalition will start talks on the formation of a governmentSTRINGER / PAP / EPA

The new prime minister has 30 days to present an expose and a motion for a vote of confidence. If he loses the vote, he resigns, and the president may ask him and his ministers to hold office until a new cabinet is established. It is up to the president to select another candidate for the head of government, but he is not bound by any deadline. This scenario of events resulting from the provisions of the law is violated by the president’s illness and his hospitalization. Next week, the Senate’s constitutional committee is to meet to discuss the possible application of article 66 of the constitution, which provides for measures to remove the president from office. To this end, both houses of parliament would have to recognize that the president is unable to perform his duties due to his illness.

Main photo source: STRINGER / PAP / EPA

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