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Czech Republic. President Miłosz Zeman is hospitalized again, he has the coronavirus

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The President of the Czech Republic, Milosz Zeman, has tested positive for the coronavirus, he was taken to the Central Military Hospital in Prague, his office informed. Earlier, on the same day, he discharged himself from the aforementioned hospital at his own request. He stayed in the facility from October.

Milosz Zeman He signed off on Thursday at his own request, and the doctors followed his decision. But they recommended the president to continue treatment in a medical institution, under the supervision of a specialist doctor. Zeman went to his residence in Lanach, 35 kilometers from Prague.

However, a few hours later, the law firm of the 77-year-old president reported that Zeman tested positive for the coronavirus and was hospitalized again.

Reuters, citing Czech media, reported that Zeman showed no symptoms of infection. Earlier, the president had taken two doses of the vaccine against the disease, and during his stay at the Central Military Hospital, which he began in October, he also received a third dose.


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On Friday in Lanach, the residence of the head of state near Prague, the ceremony of appointing Petr Fiali as prime minister is scheduled. The head of the president’s office, Vratislav Mynarz, announced on Thursday that Zeman would be meeting next week with candidates for members of the center-right Fiali government. Zeman’s spokesman Jirzi Ovczaczek announced that the president’s planned program would not be implemented.

Milosz Zeman Lukas Kabon / Anadolu Agency / ABACAPRESS.COM

Zeman’s re-hospitalization coincided with the decision of the Czech government to introduce a state of emergency. It will go into effect on Thursday night and last for 30 days.

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The state of health of the Czech president

On October 10, the Czech president was transferred to the Central Military Hospital in Prague. Initially, he was in the intensive care unit, then in the rehabilitation unit. After being transferred to a standard hospital room, Zeman began receiving visitors, including visits related to the duties of the head of state.

The president spent 46 nights in the hospital. Zeman has chronic liver disease, according to a member of the presidential consilium, surgeon Pavel Pafek, who operated and cared for President Vaclav Havel years ago. He also suffers from diabetic leg neuropathy.

Main photo source: Michal Krumphanzl / PAP / CTK.

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