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Czech Republic. President Milosz Zeman left the hospital. At my own request

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Czech President Milosz Zeman was discharged from the Central Military Hospital in Prague (CVN) at his own request, CVN spokeswoman Jitka Zinke said on Thursday. The head of state will now be taken care of by a medical team from a private company at the Lany Castle near Prague.


Zeman was discharged from the hospital at his own request, and the doctors followed his decision. However, they recommended the president to continue treatment in a medical facility, under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

The Central Military Hospital in Prague emphasized in a press release that Zeman wanted to end hospitalization and deal with state duties. The responsibility for taking care of the president’s health has been taken over by the private company Senior Home Group owned by Penta Hospitals CZ.

Milosz Zeman Lukas Kabon / Anadolu Agency / ABACAPRESS.COM

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Documentation handed over

The Penta financial group owns 75 medical facilities in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Central Military Hospital handed over the full medical documentation of the head of state and the doctors’ recommendations.

If necessary, the Central Military Hospital is ready to provide the president with the facilities of a specialized medical facility and regular outpatient medical examinations, Zinke wrote in a statement.

The president of the college of doctors (which assessed Zeman’s health), the rector of Charles University in Prague, Tomasz Zima, informed the media that the president would be looked after by a team of five or seven medical workers 24 hours a day.

In Lanach Castle, the official residence of the Czech head of state, located 35 km from Prague, special rooms have been prepared.

Chronic liver disease

On October 10, the provincial president was transferred to the Central Military Hospital in Prague. Initially, he was in the intensive care unit, then in the rehabilitation unit. After being transferred to a standard hospital room, Zeman began receiving visitors, including visits related to the duties of the head of state.

The president spent 46 nights in the hospital. Zeman has chronic liver disease, according to a member of the presidential consilium, surgeon Pavel Pafek, who operated and cared for President Vaclav Havel years ago. He also suffers from diabetic leg neuropathy. According to the announcement on Friday in Lanach, the president will appoint a new prime minister, who is to be Petr Fiala.

Main photo source: Lukas Kabon / Anadolu Agency / ABACAPRESS.COM

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