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Czestochowa. A bmw driver hit a pedestrian on the lanes, he didn’t help. Then it hit an Audi. He was banned from driving

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The 47-year-old driver at the wheel of a BMW ignored the red light and hit a pedestrian in the lanes. He did not help him, he continued until the Audi pulled back and only this stopped him. A BMW passenger was also injured. The driver was forbidden to drive.

The incident took place on Monday after 7 p.m. in Częstochowa. A 47-year-old man was hit on Aleja Kościuszki. – The preliminary findings of the policemen who arrived at the scene indicated that the BMW driver probably did not comply with the red light and drove into the intersection, resulting in a collision with a pedestrian who was crossing the marked pedestrian crossing. The BMW driver did not stop, did not help the pedestrian and ran away from the scene – says Sabina Chyra-Giereś, spokeswoman for the Częstochowa police.

According to the spokeswoman, the 47-year-old pedestrian is in a very serious condition.

He hit a pedestrian, then caused a collisionTVN24


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It was stopped by a collision with an Audi

About two hundred meters away, a BMW driver caused a collision. As Chyra-Giereś says, he ran over the rear of an Audi. “The impact was so strong that the Audi pulled out of the way and stopped on the track,” says the spokeswoman.

The impact was so strong that the Audi was on the trackTVN24

The collision caused serious damage to the BMW and the driver was unable to continue his escape. In addition, a BMW passenger was injured and needed to be taken to the hospital.

It turned out that the 47-year-old BMW driver was banned from driving any vehicles. On-site tests showed that he was not under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, blood was taken for further tests.

The man is facing 12 years in prison.

Main photo source: TVN24

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