Częstochowa. Accident on the A1 involving several trucks. One person is dead


The A1 motorway was blocked towards Łódź on Thursday evening after a speeding truck hit other trucks standing on the right lane on the Częstochowa section of the road. Two vehicles burst into flames, police said. One person died, one was injured. We received a recording from the scene of the accident on Kontakt 24.

According to staff sergeant Marcin Knysak from the Częstochowa police press team, the accident occurred approximately 500 meters behind the exit from the A1 motorway to provincial road No. 908, near the Dźbów district. After the previous collision, there was a traffic jam on the right lane, consisting mainly of trucks. Difficulties on the highway towards Łódź may last until late at night.

According to Staff Aspirant Adam Jachimczak from the Silesian Police press team, the driver of the truck that hit the other vehicles died. The driver of another truck was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Cars caught fire

– Preliminary findings indicate that the driver of a set of Scania vehicles hit the rear of another set of vehicles standing in the lane in a traffic jam. Cars caught fire. The force of the impact was so great that the next three preceding sets of vehicles were damaged, said Staff Sergeant Marcin Knysak.

The driver of the Scania, trapped in the fire-engulfed cabin, died on the spot, and the driver of the Mercedes truck was taken to hospital in serious condition with numerous injuries. The drivers of the remaining three trucks were not hurt, but their cars were damaged. According to unofficial information, the car that started the fire was powered by gas.

The motorway towards Łódź was blocked at this point.

There was a collision earlier

Earlier, near the site of the accident, there was a collision involving three cars. The cause – as the police suspect – was failure to maintain a safe distance between the cars. No one was injured, the drivers were sober. After the collision, two lanes were blocked and the cars drove in the emergency lane.

The road at the accident site was blocked towards Łódź. The police recommend a detour via provincial road 908, to which you must exit at the Częstochowa Południe motorway junction.

Main photo source: Maciej/Kontakt24