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Czestochowa. Agnieszka, 37, died in the hospital. Family: decaying bodies of unborn sons were left in it “, the hospital’s statement

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Agnieszka, 37, was pregnant in twins and hospitalized in a provincial hospital in Częstochowa. There, on December 23, the first of her sons died. “A wait-and-see position was adopted, due to the fact that there was a chance to save a second child” – explains the facility in the issued statement. The miscarriage was not performed until December 31, although the death of the second fetus was stated earlier. The woman died on January 25 in another hospital, orphaned three children.

Kamila Ferenc, a trainee attorney from the law firm Law to Law, a lawyer for the Federation for Women and Family Planning and the Foundation Against Rape Culture, asked on Twitter the provincial hospital in Częstochowa about 37-year-old Agnieszka, who was a twin pregnant and died in this facility.

“Three questions – was it the patient’s will to save the second fetus? And if so, was she previously informed about the risks associated with it? And that is why Polish doctors do not perform selective abortion in twin pregnancies? Today I see my sister Agnieszka, I will look for answers “- wrote Ferenc.

In response, the hospital issued a statement. In it we read: “After the death of the first child, the stand-by position was adopted, as there was a chance to save the second child. Despite the doctors’ efforts, the second fetus died as well. The decision to terminate the pregnancy was immediately made.”

The hospital does not provide the dates of the death of the second twin or the decision to abort. The further content of the statement shows that the medics used mechanical and pharmacological induction, which did not work (cervical dilation and uterine contractions). Only on December 31 “it became possible to perform a miscarriage”

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Hospital statement on the death of a 37-year-old pregnant womanProvincial Specialist Hospital for them. Blessed Virgin Mary

Death of the first twin

According to information published on Facebook by the family of 37-year-old Agnieszka from Częstochowa – and disseminated by the group “Not one more” – it appears that the woman was in the first trimester of twin pregnancy. On December 21 last year, she was taken to the Provincial Hospital in Częstochowa for the Gynecology Department – according to her relatives, due to abdominal pain and vomiting. “Earlier, her complaints were disregarded, saying that it was a twin pregnancy and she had the right to hurt so much” – the authors of the post said.

During her stay in the hospital, the 37-year-old’s condition deteriorated. The family: “She came there fully conscious, in good physical and mental condition, with gynecological ailments. Through telephone calls we witnessed her condition deteriorating day by day”.

The relatives cite a medical epicrase from which it appears that the first of the twins died on December 23, 2021. “Unfortunately, the removal of the dead fetus was not allowed, because the law in Poland strictly forbids it. They waited until the vital functions of the other twin would stop spontaneously. Agnieszka carried a dead child in her womb for the next 7 days” – they describe.

Death of the second twin

The death of the second of the twins – according to the family – did not take place until December 29. “Another shameful fact is that the manual extraction of the fetuses was performed after another 2 days (!!!)” – emphasize the relatives. And they add: “All this time, decaying bodies of unborn sons were left in it. However, they did not forget to inform the priest in time to come to the ward and hold a funeral for the children (!!!).”

The relatives suspect that Agnieszka fell ill with sepsis. “We think so by the results – they explain – because when she was admitted to the hospital, the CRP test showed 7 units, the day before her death, it was already 157.31H (norm 5), but information about sepsis is nowhere in the documents. per day they deteriorated to such an extent that within a few days it became the proverbial ‘vegetable’ and from gynecology it became a neurology “- they write in social media.

The family claims that the hospital made it difficult for them to contact the patient, that they were not allowed to see the medical records, citing that Agnieszka did not write authorization for her husband or sister. “There were words about the suspicion of mad cow disease, insinuating that Agnieszka’s poor health was caused by an inadequate diet, rich in raw meat. Quoting a physiotherapist from the hospital: ‘she probably ate raw meat’ and now belongs to the group of 3% of the population, affected by this disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob variant) “.

Change of hospital and death of the mother

On January 23, there was a cardiac arrest. Reanimation turned out to be effective. A day later, the woman was transported to the hospital in Blachownia, where – as described by their relatives – medics talked to them and issued documentation.

– She came to us in a critical condition, at night – says Marta Bełza, spokeswoman for the hospital in Blachownia. Due to medical confidentiality, he does not provide detailed information.

Bełza confirms that on January 25 Agnieszka died in Blachownia. The family is convinced that a crime has occurred in the hospital in Częstochowa.

The hospital in Częstochowa in its statement defends that “many medical procedures were performed to help the patient, including three tests for coronavirus. Two turned out to be negative. The third – January 23 – positive. there was shortness of breath and the saturation decreased. The hospital adds that the family had contact with the patient, “while maintaining the restrictions resulting from the pandemic”

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