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Czestochowa. Aleksandra and Oliwia were strangled, their bodies were found in the forest. Expert opinion: the suspect was sane

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The suspect in the murder of 45-year-old Aleksandra and her 15-year-old daughter Oliwia from Częstochowa (Silesian Voivodeship) was sane at the time of committing the alleged acts, experts said in the opinion sent to the investigators. The bodies of the girl and her mother were found in the forest in February 2022. Krzysztof R., an acquaintance of the murdered, is suspected of a double homicide. According to a psychiatrist’s opinion, the 52-year-old may be prosecuted. According to the prosecutor’s office, the investigation is now over.

As the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa announced on Monday, according to the expert opinion sent to the investigators, the suspect in the murder of 45-year-old Aleksandra and her 15-year-old daughter Oliwia was sane at the time of committing the alleged acts. – On Friday, a psychiatric opinion was received regarding the sanity of the suspect. The experts stated that at the time of committing the alleged crimes, the suspect was sane, so he may be criminally responsible for them, Tomasz Ozimek, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, informed.

Investigation at the final stage

Thanks to a psychiatric opinion, 52-year-old Krzysztof R., an acquaintance of the murdered, can be prosecuted in court. The man was arrested before the bodies of the 45- and 15-year-old were found in February 2022.

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Specialists issued an opinion on the basis of outpatient examinations, after which they asked for a psychological opinion on the suspect, and later a sexological opinion. After reviewing these opinions, they issued their own, regarding the mental health of R.

According to prosecutor Ozimek, the investigation is at the final stage. The prosecution has already collected all the evidence. The suspect and his defenders will be acquainted with the materials of the investigation, they will be able to submit evidence or request that the proceedings be supplemented.

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Aleksandra and Oliwia from Częstochowa were strangled

On February 10 last year, Aleksandra and Oliwia left their apartment in Częstochowa at ul. Bienia and did not make contact with relatives. They were reported missing a day later. After less than a week, 52-year-old Krzysztof R. was detained in this case. The man was arrested on charges of double homicide, although at that time the place where the body was hidden was still unknown. The prosecutor’s office did not disclose what evidence incriminates the suspect, who did not confess to the crime.

The search for Aleksandra and Oliwia in the Romanów areaTVN24

The extensive search for the 45-year-old woman and her daughter ended on February 21 with the discovery of their bodies buried in a forest next to the national road No. 91, near Romanów. DNA tests confirmed that these were the bodies of Aleksandra and Oliwia – they were necessary because the relatives of the victims were unable to participate in the identification. As the autopsy and post-mortem examinations showed, the cause of death of the murdered there was violent suffocation. victims they had no alcohol or drugs in their bodies.

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As previously reported by the prosecutor’s office, R. did not admit to the alleged acts and refused to give explanations. Investigators have so far not informed about a possible motive for the crime.

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However, the prosecution confirms that the suspect and the victims were friends. Aleksandra W. and Krzysztof R. had allotment gardens located near each other, Krzysztof R. was also supposed to renovate the woman’s apartment. During these works, he was supposed to install a camera in Oliwia’s room without the knowledge and consent of the women. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that one of the allegations presented to R. is related to the unauthorized installation of a camera in the victim’s apartment. He also pleaded not guilty to this crime and declined to comment.

Main photo source: TVN24

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