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Czestochowa. An eight-year-old boy in a serious condition in the hospital. Allegations against stepfather and mother

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The father of an eight-year-old boy visited him on Monday and notified the services that his son was in bed with injuries, according to police information. The boy was taken to the hospital, where untreated injuries were found: burns to the head, trunk and limbs, caused about a week earlier, and fractures occurred over the last month. The child’s stepfather was charged with attempted murder on Wednesday. He is also suspected of abusing his stepson. The boy’s mother was supposed to help her husband in this. Both were arrested in the evening for three months.

Tomasz Ozimek, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa, said on Tuesday an investigation was launched into the attempted murder of an eight-year-old boy and causing him severe bodily injuries in the form of burns to the head, chest and limbs.

– This investigation will also concern the abuse of this boy with particular cruelty and exposing him to the immediate danger of losing his life – Ozimek told us.

Police on the case of an eight-year-old boy and the detention of his mother and stepfatherTVN24

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The prosecutor added that the attempted murder and grievous bodily injury occurred in late March, a few days before the evening of April 3, when the crime was revealed. However, he said, the abuse had been going on “for some time”.

Czestochowa. Stepfather suspected of attempted murder, mother allegedly helped him abuse

After 3 pm, Ozimek said what the child’s guardians heard – 35-year-old mother Magdalena B. and 27-year-old stepfather Dawid B.

– Dawid B. was accused by the prosecutor of trying to kill his stepson on March 29 by pouring boiling water over him and placing him on a hot coal stove. In this way, he caused severe bodily injuries – burns to the head, chest and limbs – said Ozimek.

The 27-year-old stepfather of a burnt and broken boyTVN24

The 27-year-old was also accused of mistreating the eight-year-old with particular cruelty – by beating, kicking all over the body and burning with cigarettes and causing him numerous fractures of the limbs and burn wounds. “We’re going to determine when this happened,” the prosecutor added.

Magdalena B. is suspected of exposing her child to a direct danger of loss of life and health, as well as of helping her husband in abusing the boy. The point is that she did not react to her husband’s behavior and did not help the child. The prosecutor’s office emphasizes that she had a special responsibility to take care of the child. Pursuant to the Penal Code, a person who, contrary to the legal obligation to prevent the commission of a crime, facilitates its commission by omitting to commit it is liable for aiding and abetting. The mother’s duty to care for her child results from the Family and Guardianship Code.

35-year-old mother of a burnt and broken boyTVN24

As reported by Ozimek, Dawid B. admitted to committing the crimes he was accused of. He declined to explain. The boy’s mother also pleaded guilty to the charges. The prosecutor asked the court to arrest both suspects for three months, citing severe punishment and fear of subterfuge.

Arrested for three months

The spokesman for the District Court in Częstochowa, Dominik Bogacz, informed about taking into account the requests of the prosecutor’s office to apply the strictest preventive measures against the suspects. – Both were arrested for three months. Of course, the decision is not final, it can be appealed, but it is enforceable, added the judge.

Allegations against the mother and stepfather of an 8-year-old boy

Allegations against the mother and stepfather of an 8-year-old boyTVN24

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Burns were formed a week earlier, fractures – in the last month

The Polish Medical Air Rescue took the boy to the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice. He was admitted there on Monday at 14.30. As Andrzej Bulandra, the coordinator of the Trauma Center for Children at GCZD, said on Wednesday at a briefing, “anesthesiologists are fighting for the child to survive and for the consequences of burns to be as small as possible”.

The eight-year-old went to the Upper Silesian Children’s Health CenterTVN24

– We found extensive injuries to the boy, which we believe occurred at least a few days earlier. These were burns to the head, trunk and limbs, and fractures to the limbs, Bulandra said. As he described, the burns cover a quarter of the body surface, the entire face, and originated about a week to 10 days before being admitted to the hospital. It is not known if and with what substance the boy was doused. His hair was burnt. The doctor added that the fractures had occurred within the last month. He stressed that none of the injuries had previously been treated.

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The eight-year-old is now in critical condition. He is in the intensive care unit, he is in a pharmacological coma. As Bulandra said, he will be awakened when it does not interfere with the procedures. He underwent his first operation on Tuesday, with several more scheduled to be performed every other day to remove the necrosis and possibly also a skin graft. – Fractures will heal. However, the scars that result from burns can significantly affect both its appearance and its ability to move, Bulandra said.

– The child is in a life-threatening condition. It was neglected, emaciated, dehydrated, dirty – added the doctor.

There are more small children in the family, the youngest is six months old

The drama of an eight-year-old boy took place in one of the apartments in the Stradom district in Częstochowa. The child lives with her 35-year-old mother and her 27-year-old husband.

– On Monday, his father visited him and informed the police that the child was lying in bed with injuries – said Barbara Poznańska, a spokeswoman for the police in Częstochowa.

We talked to the boy’s half-sister, 29-year-old Magdalena. She and an eight-year-old boy and a boy a year younger have the same father. On the other hand, the mother of an eight-year-old and a seven-year-old – according to Mrs. Magdalena’s knowledge – has several minor children with another man.

Magdalena had a difficult childhood, she was in an orphanage from the age of nine. She met her half-brothers only in January this year. – I saw them three times, the last time on February 20. No one suspected anything, and the boys didn’t say anything because they couldn’t. The younger one does not speak at all, and the older one (eight-year-old – ed.) says a few words, said Mrs. Magdalena.

Olga Dargiel, spokeswoman for the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Częstochowa, confirmed that there were more children in the family from Stradom. “They have been secured by the police, the case is in family court,” she said.

– On Monday, the children were placed in the care of their immediate family. They’re safe. They were examined by a doctor, no injuries were found. The court will decide their fate, Poznańska informed us. She did not disclose the number of children. “The youngest – of this detained couple – is six months old,” she said.

The family was under the care of MOPS. As Dargiel says, they have been away from Częstochowa for several months, they returned to the city about four weeks ago. – Social workers recognized the situation of the family in the school and kindergarten environment and there were no reports, interventions or suspicions of violence against children anywhere – said Dargiel.

She added that in the last four weeks they had learned that the boy had broken his arm. “He was then treated at the hospital,” she said.

As Poznańska informed, the police officers did not conduct the Blue Card procedure in this family.

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Uncle: Mother said they had been to the doctor who prescribed the ointment

TVN24 journalists also talked to the boy’s uncle. He assured that he had not seen violence of caregivers against children. According to his account, the eight-year-old was burned last Wednesday. He said he didn’t know how. He said there was a boiler in the house to heat the water.

The man assured that on Wednesday late evening, when he returned from work, he told the boy’s mother to go to the doctor with him. They were supposed to do it on Thursday. – My mother lied to me, it was supposed to be different. I sent them to the hospital and they told me they were in the hospital. Turns out they weren’t, our uncle told us. And he added: – She called me (the boy’s mother – ed.) and said that they had been to the doctor and the doctor prescribed an ointment and ordered to apply cold compresses. And that was it.

– But in the evening I came and I say: you need to go back to the doctor, something is wrong, he can’t look like this. These ointments had the opposite effect, so the doctor told me that instead of helping, it hurt him even more. I personally saw how she lubricated it – the man reported.

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