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Czestochowa. Armed bank robbery. The attacker was arrested red-handed

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A masked 29-year-old with a gas gun in his hand robbed a bank in Częstochowa (Silesian Voivodeship). According to police, the man threatened staff and customers that he would detonate the explosive if he did not get the money. The 29-year-old was arrested packing cash into a plastic bag.

The incident took place after 2 p.m. on Tuesday in the center of Częstochowa. A masked man stormed into a bank branch, brandishing a gun and threatening to detonate an explosive device if he did not receive the money.

Police: A 29-year-old man was arrested while packing cash

One of the bank’s employees managed to inform about the ongoing robbery of the service. – After a few minutes, the first police officers from the 1st police station and from the Częstochowa prevention subdivision arrived at the scene. When they entered the facility, the 29-year-old masked man was packing money into a plastic bag and holding a firearm in his hand, informed the junior inspector Aleksandra Nowara, a press officer of the Silesian police.

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The officers overpowered an armed man who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for assault with a weapon – as it turned out, gas – in his hand and illegal possession of a weapon. The court ordered him to be arrested for three months.

His father will be charged with illegal possession of a firearm

The police determined that the gas pistol used during the robbery did not belong to the 29-year-old, but to his father. The 57-year-old was the owner of the gun, despite the fact that – according to the police – he did not have a permit to do so.

Illegal ammunition was also found in his apartment. The 57-year-old is under police surveillance. For illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, he faces up to eight years in prison, a spokeswoman for the Silesian police said.

Main photo source: KMP Czestochowa

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