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Częstochowa. Artificial intelligence plans students' careers

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Artificial intelligence tells high school students in Częstochowa which studies and profession to choose. Students hope that thanks to this they will not be forced to work in the future. A computer science teacher warns not to trust the algorithm one hundred percent.

Częstochowa was the first city in Poland to introduce an innovative program based on AI, thanks to which students receive help in planning their career path. A special application that students have access to assesses their predispositions and interests. Based on the collected data, the program suggests which studies to choose and which place to work

– Thanks to a unique AI project called My Talent, our students will be more effective – say city representatives.

– Using the application is safe – assure specialists from the company that created the application.

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The student registers an account, his data is encrypted, and only he has access to them, and the coordinators only have access to them if he provides them with his profile.

So that work won't be unpleasant

The program is addressed to high school students. He went to all 20 high schools in the city. First, young people must complete a survey and answer a number of questions. So far, out of 1,500 students, over a hundred have done so. The program's conclusions are that 70 percent of them need A1 assistance.

TVN24 reporter Jerzy Korczyński talked to students of secondary school number 5. – From birth, I always knew what I wanted to do. But looking at my friends, I think that it is a difficult matter, many of us think that it is something difficult, everyone is afraid for their professional future, not to get up on Monday and say “back to that job” – said one of the students.

– Some people like what their parents do, some a little less, but the most important thing is that in the future we get up to work with joy and not out of compulsion – noted another student.

Note, this is just an algorithm

Computer science teacher Dominik Życiński, however, warns: – We certainly cannot believe in the results of artificial intelligence one hundred percent, because they are still algorithms. Someone wrote an algorithm and this artificial intelligence must work based on it, which means that if it has not been possible to program any additional solutions, it will focus only on this one program. It is known that artificial intelligence develops on its own, but it also needs time. Certainly, everyone who will have these results still needs to verify them.

Main photo source: TVN24

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