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Czestochowa. Eight-year-old Kamil died after being beaten by his stepfather. The court deprived the mother and stepfather of parental rights

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The family court in Częstochowa decided to deprive the mother and stepfather of parental rights to the siblings of eight-year-old Kamil, who died in May. Magdalena B. was brought to court on Friday. Dawid B., the boy’s stepfather, participated in an online meeting. The people affected by the death of the child gathered in front of the court. They demanded the complete and undisputed deprivation of parental authority for both suspects.

The trial before the Family Court in Częstochowa began on Friday around 9 o’clock. A large group of people from the “Happy Child” Association appeared in front of the building. There were also people from all over Poland who were affected by the death of eight-year-old Kamil. As reported by TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Marczok, when the mother of the deceased Kamil was brought to court, those gathered loudly expressed their dissatisfaction.

The trial before the Court in Częstochowa ended after a few hours. It concerned the termination of parental rights over the siblings of Kamil B. Until the couple’s arrest, the children were under the legal care of Magdalena B. and Dawid B. Currently, the two youngest of them are in foster care, and the three older ones in a care and education facility. – There is a general provision in the System of Common Courts, which recommends, as far as possible, that sentences in such cases be passed during the first trial, Dominik Bogacz, spokesman for the Częstochowa court, told PAP.

– As part of a partial decision, the court deprived Dawid B. of parental authority over two children for whom he is the father. He deprived Magdalena B. of parental authority over five children. And he discontinued the proceedings in the case of Kamil, because he died. He ruled in the security mode about Artur T.’s contacts with his son Fabian (brother of the deceased Kamil), he can meet him in a certain way on the first and third weekend of the month, and the second and fourth, for 2 hours, the judge explained. And he added: – Proceedings to restore parental authority to Artur T. are pending, the court has not finished it yet, it only allowed him to contact the child until the end of the proceedings.

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Kamil’s biological father wants his parental rights restored

The biological father of the deceased Kamil appeared in court, who wants to restore parental rights over his younger brother Fabian.

– I believe that they will restore my father’s rights to Fabianek, my younger brother and Kamil and that he will be able to take him on weekends and holidays. I believe that the court will grant such permission – said the TVN24 reporter, Kamila and Fabian’s older sister.

The two youngest children of Magdalena B. are in a foster family, the other three are in a special facility. Their fate is unsettled, because the mother still has parental rights, despite the fact that she is in custody.

– The court will examine and look at the current situation, how children are currently functioning after what happened – said attorney Przemysław Koziński from the “Happy Child” association.

Allegations against Kamil’s stepfather

Kamil died on May 8 in the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center after being burned and beaten by his stepfather. The child went to school, among other things, with a broken arm. Doctors fought for his life for 35 days.

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The eight-year-old’s stepfather, Dawid B., was accused of murdering the boy with particular cruelty. According to the investigators, the man poured boiling water on the boy, hit the boy with a shower and fists on the body, threw him on a hot coal stove. – The result of the suspect’s actions was to cause an eight-year-old boy severe bodily injuries, which, after leaving him in a state of imminent danger of losing his life, led to his death without assistance, Marzena Muklewicz, a spokeswoman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk, informed in May. The man was temporarily arrested.

According to the investigation, eight-year-old Kamil was tortured by his stepfathertvn24

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Allegations against Kamil’s mother

The boy’s mother, Magdalena B., was accused by the prosecutor’s office of aiding and abetting a homicide with particular cruelty as a result of a motivation that deserves particular condemnation by – despite her duty – omission and failure to react to protect the minor against acts of violence on the part of the stepfather and failure to help a tortured boy in a state of a direct threat to life, which made it easier for Dawid B. to kill him. The accusations presented to the woman also include aiding and abetting the physical and mental abuse of her sons Fabian and Kamil with particular cruelty by Dawid B. by failing to take steps to protect minors, despite such an obligation. As it was established, the woman accepted, consented to and tolerated the brutal acts of violence against her children undertaken by Dawid B.. The woman was temporarily arrested.

Eight-year-old Kamil tortured by his stepfathertvn24

Death of eight-year-old Kamil from Częstochowa

The tragedy took place in a one-story building at Kosynierska Street in Częstochowa. On May 8, in the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center, after 35 days of fighting for his life, eight-year-old Kamil died, beaten at the end of March by his stepfather – 27-year-old Dawid B. Initially, the case was handled by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa. The investigation into the death of eight-year-old Kamil from Częstochowa, mistreated by his stepfather, has been transferred to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk. Both suspects are arrested for three months. Magdalena B. has five children – the two youngest with her current husband Dawid B., and the other three with two other men. Her oldest child is 11 years old, and the youngest was born last year.

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