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Czestochowa. He lay down on the lanes, a delivery truck ran over him. The police know who the man was

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A delivery truck ran over a man who lay down on a pedestrian crossing. The policemen from Częstochowa (Śląskie Voivodeship) did not know who the deceased was. On the Internet, they published a recording showing the moment of the event and photos of the deceased. Thanks to this, it was possible to establish his identity. This was finally confirmed by the results of the fingerprint comparative study. It turned out that the 52-year-old had been living abroad for several years.

The accident took place on July 6 at about 4 o’clock at Wolności Avenue in Częstochowa. According to police findings the driver of a Mercedes delivery truck ran into a pedestrianwho died on the spot as a result of his injuries.

Policemen posted the surveillance video on their website on Saturdaywhere you can see a man lying down on a marked pedestrian crossing. The lying man is first avoided by the white Iveco, and after a while a Mercedes delivery truck runs over him. Officers also published photos of the deceased man. And this – as they emphasized – worked.

Police: The 52-year-old had been living abroad for several years, recognized by one of his family members

– A witness came to us who indicated where the man had been on the day before the incident. Criminal investigators performed a number of steps to establish the man’s data. In the end, his identity was confirmed on the basis of the obtained result of the comparative fingerprint test – said Deputy Commissioner Sabina Chyra-Giereś from the Police in Częstochowa. And she added: – The pedestrian was a 52-year-old man who had been living abroad for several years.

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The 52-year-old – as the police found out – previously stayed in the Silesian Voivodeship. One of the family members also recognized him.

The 44-year-old heard accusations that he “did not confess to committing a crime”

As the police informed earlier, the Mercedes driver did not observe the foreground properly and, approaching the lanes, did not exercise caution. – After hitting a pedestrian, he continued driving the car without helping him. In addition, at the time of his detention, the test showed that he was under the influence of alcohol – 0.32 per mille – said Chyra-Giereś. And she added that the investigators are now explaining whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol also at the time of the accident.

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The investigation into the fatal accident is being conducted by the Częstochowa-Północ District Prosecutor’s Office. On Friday, the driver of a delivery truck that ran after a 52-year-old was brought to the prosecutor’s office.

The spokesman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa, Tomasz Ozimek, told TVN24 that the prosecutor presented the 44-year-old man with “a charge of causing a fatal road accident as a result of not being particularly careful when approaching a pedestrian crossing and escaping from the scene.”

He added that “the suspect did not confess to committing this crime”.

He lay down on the lanes, a delivery truck ran over him. They know who the man wasKMP Częstochowa

According to the spokesman, after questioning the suspect, the prosecutor requested the court to order the man under temporary arrest for a period of three months. – The prosecutor justified this request with a severe penalty threatening the suspect, as well as a justified fear of fraud on his part. After examining the request, the district court did not take this request into account and did not apply temporary detention, but police supervision – said Ozimek.

He added that “the court argued that the evidence gathered to date does not indicate a reasonable suspicion that the man was aware that he had caused a traffic accident.” – The prosecutor does not agree with this decision and will submit a complaint to the District Court in Częstochowa – said the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office.


Mercedes van drivers face a penalty of two to 12 years in prison.

Ozimek also said that the driver of an iveco car reported to the police, bypassing a man lying on a pedestrian crossing. He added that he had been questioned as a witness.

Main photo source: KMP Częstochowa

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