Częstochowa. Hit-and-run on Legionów Street. Two women died


Two women died at a pedestrian crossing on Legionów Street in Częstochowa. According to the police, preliminary findings indicate that the 80-year-old Audi driver did not give way to the 33-year-old and the 45-year-old.

The tragic accident occurred at 5:20 p.m. on Legionów Street, near Hallera Street, towards Srock. “Preliminary findings indicate that the 80-year-old driver of an Audi Q7 did not yield the right of way and hit pedestrians crossing a marked and lit pedestrian crossing. Unfortunately, despite the rescue activities undertaken, the lives of the 33-year-old and the 45-year-old could not be saved,” she informed the media. Silesian Police social media.

Firefighters worked on site. – The incident involved the hitting of two people at a pedestrian crossing – confirmed Junior Brigadier Patryk Pielka from the State Fire Service in Częstochowa. He added that first aid was provided to the injured by bystanders at the scene of the accident. They started resuscitation. Then firefighters took over the operation. – Later we continued them together with the medical rescue service. After a longer period of resuscitation, medical procedures were discontinued for both women, the firefighter reported.

The services are still working on site. The road towards Brzyszów is blocked.

Loss in CzęstochowaSilesian Police/Facebook

Earlier, an 81-year-old was hit

That evening, another accident involving a pedestrian took place in Częstochowa. It happened around 4 p.m. on Wolności Avenue. “A 25-year-old Ducato driver hit an 81-year-old man crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. The man was taken to hospital,” the Silesian police reported.

Police officers appeal to be especially careful at pedestrian crossings. “Darkness falls quickly in winter. Slippery surfaces often extend braking distances, and the prevailing conditions make visibility difficult,” they emphasize.

“Drivers, remember that pedestrians are unprotected road users and in a collision with a speeding car they will almost always find themselves in a tragic situation. Therefore, especially in places with heavy pedestrian traffic, keep your foot off the gas,” advise the uniformed officers.

They also asked pedestrians to be careful. “Pedestrians, remember that drivers may not see you or may not be able to brake in time. Always follow the principle of limited trust and wear reflectors. Before entering the road, make sure that all drivers have seen you and that you can cross the road safely,” they added.

Loss in CzęstochowaSilesian Police/Facebook

Main photo source: Silesian Police/Facebook

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