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Czestochowa. Krystian W. sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing his wife

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The 31-year-old confessed to killing his wife. The court did not believe that he acted in agitation, because the 27-year-old woman wanted to divorce him and deprive him of contact with his children. – He hit her on the head, then strangled her with his own hands – said the judge in the verbal justification of the verdict. Sentence: 25 years imprisonment. The defense plans to appeal.

The District Court in Częstochowa announced a verdict on Friday in the case of the murder of 27-year-old Karolina from this city. Her husband, 31-year-old Krystian W., was sentenced to 25 years in prison. According to the court, he acted with the direct intention of taking the woman’s life.

The time spent in custody from August 30, 2021 to April 21, 2023 was credited towards the sentence.

Defenders of Krystian W. announced an appeal after the verdict was announced.

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25 years in prison for killing his wife, mother of twoTVN24

Court: hit his head and strangled with his own hands

The presiding judge, Judge Marcin Buzdygan, in the oral justification of the verdict, said that the trial was fully confirmed evidence from the prosecution’s investigation.

They show that Krystian W. on the night of August 27/28, 2021, he followed his wife. They no longer lived together, they had two children. The woman arrived home in the morning. – He was waiting for her, tried to enter the cage of the block where she lived. He did not achieve this goal. By an unfortunate coincidence, she went downstairs to get the phone from the car. Then he came over and started a conversation – described the judge.

It is not known what they talked about. – The result of the conversation was that the defendant hit the victim on the head, most likely with his fist, caused head injuries that could lead to loss of consciousness, and then strangled the victim with his own hands – said the judge.

The court determined that the defendant took his wife’s body to his car and drove to the grove, where he poured a chemical substance on it and set it on fire. The corpse did not burn completely, it was covered with garbage and branches.

Krystian W. confessed to murdering his wife (video from September 1, 2021)TVN facts

The argument that a heavy penalty would deprive the father of children did not convince the court

Monitoring led the investigators to Krystian W. The man pleaded guilty and indicated the place where the body was hidden. During the trial, he expressed remorse, which the court considered a mitigating circumstance. But he did not believe the man’s explanation that he acted in a strong agitation and did not control his behavior. The evidence, according to the court, contradicts the fact that the woman accidentally hit her head in the car, and that the chemical substance detected on the corpse could be hair or nail polish.

According to the court, testimonies of witnesses and text messages that the spouses sent to each other indicate that the spouses had been arguing for a long time. The court found that Krystian W. knew before the fateful night that his wife wanted to divorce him, but also that she did not intend to take his children away. “The mother wanted this custody of the children to be shared, so that they would do it together,” the judge said.

– The accused has committed the worst possible crime that can occur between people. He took the life of a young woman, the mother of two sons aged three and six, he hurt many people – the judge summed up in the oral justification of the verdict. And he added: – He destroyed the family, he destroyed the lives of his children.

The court was not persuaded by the defense’s argument that the high penalty would deprive the children of their father and that if he were given a lower sentence, he could take part in raising his sons. “This situation will certainly never improve, regardless of whether the defendant is given a lesser sentence,” the court said.

The judgment is not final.

Main photo source: TVN24

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