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Częstochowa. Sentence for a man who killed his wife with an axe

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They were married for 50 years. They separated and fought in court over the division of their property. One December evening, a man drove up to her house, waited until she went into the yard, came up and took an ax from under his jacket. When she started screaming, he hit her in the head a dozen times. He was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment in therapeutic conditions.

On Wednesday, the verdict was passed in the case of 79-year-old Bogdan P. accused of killing his wife with an axe. The man was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The judgment is invalid.

– The court found the accused Bogdan P. guilty, sentenced him to 12 years’ imprisonment and established a therapeutic system for the execution of this sentence. The judgment is not final and the parties have the opportunity to appeal. The justification for the judgment was confidential, said Judge Dominik Bogacz, press spokesman for the District Court in Częstochowa.

Murder of a 74-year-old woman on a street in CzęstochowaTVN24

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Marital conflict and ax attack

According to investigators, Krystyna P. and Bogdan P. were married for 50 years. In 2017, due to the conflict that had been growing for many years, the spouses separated. Since 2020, there have been proceedings in court regarding the division of joint property, which further deepened the conflict between them.

On December 9, 2021, at 7:20 p.m., someone drove a car near the tenement house in Częstochowa where Mrs. Krystyna lived and observed the area. About half an hour after arriving, he approached a woman who had just gone out into the yard and took an ax from under her jacket. When the frightened woman started screaming for help, he attacked her. He hit the woman in the head several times with an axe. He then placed the ax under the jacket on her back, slowly walked to the car and drove away.

Based on monitoring records and witness testimony, it was determined that the woman’s husband may have been the perpetrator of the murder. On the same day, around 10 p.m., the police detained Bogdan P. in his house in one of the towns near Częstochowa. During the search of the house, they found numerous items dirty with red stains, and the same traces were also found in the car parked in the garage.

Murder on the street in CzęstochowaTVN24

He had limited ability to understand the action, but was not greatly agitated

During the investigation, the prosecutor charged Bogdan P. with the murder of his wife. When interrogated as a suspect, he confessed to committing the crime. As reported by Tomasz Ozimek, spokesman for the district prosecutor’s office in Częstochowa, the suspect explained that his action was unintentional because “he only wanted to scare his wife because she ruined his life.”

Murder of a 74-year-old woman on a street in CzęstochowaTVN24

When questioned again at the final stage of the proceedings, he stated that he did not remember the course of the event. At the request of the prosecutor, the District Court in Częstochowa imposed provisional arrest on the suspect.

The experts conducted a forensic-psychiatric observation in a medical facility. Psychiatrists found that the accused, at the time of committing the alleged act, had a significantly limited ability to understand the meaning of the act and to direct his actions. However, it was ruled out that he was in a state of severe agitation justified by the circumstances. Bogdan P. has no criminal record in the past.

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