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Czestochowa. She entered the railroad crossing even though the red light was flashing. She got grounded in the head – recording

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When the pedestrian entered the railway crossing in Częstochowa, the barriers fell and the red light flashed. – This is a deadly danger, threatened with a fine of up to PLN 2.5 thousand – comments the policewoman. It is not known whether it will be possible to reach the woman, but she has already been punished. The barrier hit her in the head. Luckily, she got up on her own.

The incident at the railway crossing was recorded by a car camera and the recording was published by the Stop Cham portal. According to the date on the video, the incident occurred on March 10.

Barbara Poznańska from the police in Częstochowa confirms that the passage from the recording is located in Częstochowa on Kiedrzyńska Street.

A pedestrian on a railroad crossing was hit on the head by a barrierAlloy Cham

We see that when pedestrians have started to enter the crossing, the red light flashes and the barriers go down. The man had already left the driveway. The woman, hit on the head by the barrier, fell down. Probably nothing happened to her – she got up right away, and the man helped her pick up the scattered things.

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A pedestrian on a railroad crossing was hit on the head by a barrierAlloy Cham

Deadly dangerous, punishable by high fines

– Entering the crossing when the red light is flashing and the barriers are lowered is a mortal danger, putting your life and health at risk – comments Poznańska.

As he assures, police officers from the prevention department, after getting acquainted with the video, are trying to determine who the pedestrian is. – They are ruthless in such cases. And the fine that threatens it is up to PLN 2.5 thousand – adds Poznańska.

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Main photo source: Alloy Cham

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