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Czestochowa. The end of the investigation into the disappearance of Aleksandra and her 15-year-old daughter Oliwia is the indictment

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There is an indictment against Krzysztof R., whom investigators accuse of killing 15-year-old Oliwia and her mother Aleksandra. As the prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday, the man was not only supposed to strangle both women, but also committed “other sexual activity” with the teenager. Krzysztof R. will also be responsible for “fixing the image of naked Oliwia W. using a hidden camera” and impersonating her in social media.

The investigation of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa regarding the death of 45-year-old Aleksandra and her 15-year-old daughter Oliwia has come to an end. As reported on Thursday, investigators filed an indictment against Krzysztof R., suspected of killing both victims, to the court. The victims died on February 10 last year in Częstochowa.

Investigators accuse the man not only of killing both women, but also of committing the so-called “other sexual activity” against the 15-year-old girl. The man had previously recorded a naked teenager using a hidden camera and impersonated her on social media “in order to direct offensive content to her friends”. He was also supposed to kill her shih tzu dog. Investigators also charged Krzysztof R. with “creating false evidence in order to direct criminal and disciplinary proceedings against Aleksandra W.”.

Aleksandra was last seen on the plots

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45-year-old Aleksandra and her 15-year-old daughter Oliwia went missing on February 10, 2022. On that day, Aleksandra was seen for the last time in the allotment gardens at Żyzna Street in Częstochowa. Her mother had the last telephone contact with her granddaughter Oliwia that day. Together with the 45-year-old and her daughter, the shih tzu dog disappeared.

On February 11, Aleksandra’s mother reported the women missing to the police. The police entered their apartment in a block of flats on Bienia Street. She found order and telephone numbers of the missing. There was a 45-year-old Ford Focus in front of the block, but – as the notifying party noticed – it was parked differently than usual.

Police officers with the help of firefighters combed allotment gardens, reviewed surveillance footage. They tracked who and where on February 10 and 11 was driving the missing Aleksandra’s Ford.

The cameras recorded what was happening on February 10 in the gardens. “The analysis of the records shows that around 15.30 a Ford Focus car arrived at Telimeny Street in Częstochowa, from which a man wearing a dark jacket got out and left on foot. Then around 17.00 a Citroen car was parked next to the Ford, from which he got out the man and repacked things from the Citroen to the Ford, among them gardening equipment and two heavy bags.

According to the investigation findings, after the murder of Aleksandra W., Krzysztof R. encountered Oliwia W. when he parked her mother’s car in front of the block where she lived. The teenage girl was out walking her dog. R. was to invite the girl to the car and drive away with her to an undetermined place, and there deprive her of her life.

He met Olivia by chance

On Sunday, February 20, Aleksandra’s Ford led investigators to the town of Romanów, about 20 kilometers from Częstochowa. It turned out that someone was using it on February 10 along the national road number 91 – the so-called “gierkówka” and turned into a forest track near Romanów. Operational activities and a witness who reported to the police that he had seen such a car helped in the findings.

A search has been launched in that area. On Monday, February 21, the body of a woman was found before noon, and a few hours later – the body of another. They were buried at a depth of about a meter, a few meters apart. A dead dog was also found.

DNA tests of the bodies confirmed that they were Aleksandra and Oliwia. Such research was necessary because the relatives of the victims were unable to participate in the identification. According to the autopsy and post-mortem examinations, the women’s cause of death was violent asphyxiation. None of them had alcohol or drugs in their system.

They knew each other, had gardens in the neighborhood, he was renovating their apartment

After less than a week, 52-year-old Krzysztof R. was arrested for the case. The man was arrested on suspicion of double homicide, although at that time the body had not yet been discovered. He did not confess to the crime, and the prosecutor’s office did not inform what evidence incriminating him.

The suspect and the victims were friends. Aleksandra W. and Krzysztof R. had allotment gardens in the vicinity. Krzysztof R. was also supposed to renovate the woman’s apartment. During these works, he was supposed to install a camera in Oliwia’s room without the knowledge and consent of the women. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that one of the allegations presented to R. is related to the unauthorized installation of a camera in the victim’s apartment. R. also did not admit to this crime and refused to provide explanations.

According to experts, R. was sane at the time of the alleged offences, which means that he can be held accountable for them in court. Specialists issued an opinion based on outpatient examinations, as well as psychological and sexological opinions on the suspect. As the district prosecutor’s office announced in early April, the psychiatric opinion was the last piece of evidence in the case.

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