Czestochowa. The fifth equality march in front of the sanctuary at Jasna Góra and a counter-demonstration against the “provocation” of LGBT people


The Equality March was organized in Częstochowa for the fifth time. The colorful march began on Saturday around 2 pm – even earlier, because around noon, a group of counter-protesters formed in the city, who consider the march “a provocation near Jasna Góra”. The event was secured by the police.

For the fifth time, an equality march was organized on the streets of Częstochowa. The event began at the foot of Jasna Góra – a controversial location, because in August, and in particular the period before the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15), pilgrims from all over Poland come to Częstochowa.

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Equality march in CzęstochowaTVN24

Even before the start of the colorful procession, a large group of counter-demonstrators formed in the vicinity of the sanctuary, who recognize the march – as representatives of the conservative organization write Ordo Iuris – for “provocation at Jasna Góra”. The event was secured by police officers along the entire five-kilometer route of the march.

“There is no freedom without the march of equality”

The event was organized by the creators of the “Rainbow Częstochowa” initiative. As they wrote on the event page on Facebook, the march is held to “remind of our presence and march for acceptance, freedom and respect.”

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Equality march in CzęstochowaTVN24

The banners brought by the participants carried slogans such as “there is no freedom without an equality march”, “proud queer, proud Poland” or “I am a person LGBT and I demand respect.” People associated with the Committee for the Defense of Democracy also appeared at the march.

In an interview with TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Marczok, the participants of the equality march admitted that they take part in the event even if they are not LGBT themselves. – I do not regret being in this march, because I can see (…) how these people feel together. In my opinion, this is beautiful and we must fight for all people to be together in the world (…). It seems to me that when the march left Jasna Góra, there were a lot of opponents. They sang some religious songs at us – reported one of the journalist’s interlocutors.

“Equality is important to me and I would like us to show that we are proud of who we are (…). We are all happy, dancing, it’s fun – said one of the participants. She added that she was on the march in Częstochowa for the first time – she had previously attended similar ones in Olsztyn and Gdańsk.

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