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Czestochowa. The funeral of eight-year-old Kamil. Where will the solidarity marches take place?

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On Saturday at 1 p.m. in Częstochowa, the funeral of eight-year-old Kamil began. They gathered hundreds of residents who want to lay white roses and toys on the child’s grave. The boy beaten by his stepfather died on Monday in the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice.

The funeral began on Saturday at 1 p.m. Hundreds of people gathered in the cemetery at the church of the Resurrection of Christ in the Mystery of Emmaus. Initially, the participants intended to bring helium balloons and teddy bears to the cemetery, but the deceased boy’s family asked to bring candles and white roses instead. The child will be placed in the grandmother’s grave.

The Mass is presided over by the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Częstochowa, Andrzej Przybylski. – Over the last few weeks, we have all probably become Kamilek’s family. We all prayed and accompanied his fight for life, and in fact the fight for love, and that is why so many of us are here, because all of us – and we present here, and many people in Poland and around the world, felt that his cause is also ours that his concerns and problems have also become ours, at least in recent weeks – said Bishop Przybylski, welcoming the gathered.

Częstochowa, funeral of Kamil, tortured by his stepfather PAP/Waldemar Deska

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As he argued, when a child dies, “God welcomes them with open arms.” – Although this is a funeral and although this death is full of dark colors, full of sadness, indignation, difficulties, this death, this funeral is white. We, priests, have dressed white vestments for this Holy Mass today, Kamil lies in a white coffin, and this is a sign of clarity, a sign of hope that he is with us now, in heaven and accompanies us, to thank now, not for curiosity, but for love, I want to thank you for every good impulse and for every prayer – said Bishop Przybylski.

Kamil’s funeral will be celebrated in many places throughout Poland. The inhabitants of Łódź will release blue balloons, candles will be lit in the center of Gdańsk, and the inhabitants of Otwock and Gliwice will meet in silence. Similar events are also planned in Warsaw and Wrocław.

Częstochowa, funeral of Kamil, tortured by his stepfatherPAP/Waldemar Deska

Justice March

The day after the funeral, a demonstration in defense of born children will take place in Wrocław, and the “Justice March” will march through the streets of Częstochowa, whose participants want to express their opposition to child abuse. As the case evokes strong emotions, the organizer calls for calm and not calling for retaliation against specific people. He also reminded about the right of Kamil’s family to bury the child with dignity.

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Częstochowa, funeral of Kamil, tortured by his stepfatherPAP/Waldemar Deska

The march is to pass under the buildings of institutions that should have reacted to the harm of an abused child. It will depart at 12 noon from pl. Biegański, and then the route of the march will lead through al. Blessed Virgin Mary, al. Gen. Casimir Pulaski and ul. 7 tenement houses to ul. st. Barbara. Then the participants will go through the gate in ul. Polish Military Organization, where the Municipal Social Welfare Center is located. They will also pass the town hall, school and court. The march is expected to end around 4 p.m.

Camille died on MondayTVN24

March in Łowicz

The memory of Kamil was also honored by the inhabitants of Łowicz. A dozen or so people met in the market square there, silently walked to the cathedral and laid flowers and candles there. The symbol of the meeting was a white rose with a black ribbon. – We joined to make it visible that we do not agree to violence, especially domestic violence, we also met those who needed this meeting, this indication of their disagreement with what was happening – explained Magdalena Przyżycka, president of the association Łowickie.pl

– This is a protest on my part against what is happening in our country with children. It is unthinkable, it is unimaginable to abuse and beat children in such a way, it is incomprehensible to me – said Mrs. Ewa, a resident of Łowicz.

She is not the only one who finds it hard to believe in the tragedy that happened to Kamil. There is no shortage of voices of indignation for everything that led to the death of a child. – I am appalled by the impotence of the institution that it was reported to various places and no one reacted, and that parents are probably there to love children, not to be their executioners. Things like this shouldn’t happen at all. I am a mother myself and I have a child of a similar age, it is just terrible – admitted another participant of the demonstration in Łowicz, Mrs. Anna.

The drama of Kamil from Częstochowa

The eight-year-old boy, tortured by his stepfather, was treated at GCZD for over a month. He died on Monday morning as a result of progressive multi-organ failure, which was caused by a serious burn disease and severe infection of the whole body, caused by extensive, long-unhealed burn wounds.

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The tenement house where Kamil and his family livedTVN24

Prosecutor’s investigation

The case of the boy’s maltreatment came to light after a report made by the child’s biological father on April 3 this year. The police intervened. The child was transported by helicopter to the hospital with serious injuries. According to the prosecutor’s office, the child’s stepfather, 27-year-old Dawid B., poured boiling water on Kamil and placed him on a hot coal stove. Thus, he caused severe bodily injuries – burns to the head, chest and limbs. He was charged with attempted murder.

Dawid B. was also accused of mistreating an eight-year-old with particular cruelty – by beating, kicking all over the body and burning with cigarettes and causing him numerous fractures of the limbs and burn wounds. B. admitted to the alleged acts and refused to give explanations,

The boy’s mother, Magdalena B., is suspected of exposing her child to the immediate danger of loss of life and health, as well as of helping her husband in abusing the boy. She did not react to her husband’s behavior and did not help the child. The prosecutor’s office emphasizes that she had a special responsibility to take care of the child. The woman confessed and made an explanation.

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As the investigators announced on Monday, after obtaining the preliminary results of the autopsy, decisions will be made on changing the charges against Kamil’s stepfather Dawid B. and the boy’s mother Magdalena B. It is not yet known when this will happen.

According to the investigation, eight-year-old Kamil was tortured by his stepfathertvn24

The prosecutor’s office also brought charges of failing to help Kamil’s mother’s sister, and then the woman’s husband. They all lived in the same house. They are punishable by up to three years in prison, after interrogation, both were placed under the supervision of the police.

The second thread of the investigation conducted by the Częstochowa prosecutor’s office concerns the failure to fulfill duties by employees of social welfare centers in Częstochowa, as well as in Olkusz, where Kamil’s family lived for some time, and teams for counteracting domestic violence operating at the communes, as well as probation officers and educational institutions.

“During the first days of the investigation, the documentation was secured and activities are underway. Some of the witnesses from these facilities have already been questioned. Due to the good of the investigation, we are not disclosing the findings so far,” Tomasz Ozimek, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa, told PAP.

Main photo source: PAP/Waldemar Deska

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