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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Czestochowa. The junk mafia trial has started. 4,000 tonnes of hazardous waste in 11 localities, 30 people in the dock

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A trial has started against the junk mafia, which was supposed to illegally amass four thousand tons of hazardous waste in 11 towns in five provinces. There were 30 defendants in the dock. They have a total of 200 charges. The communes have not dealt with the rubbish so far.

A trial has started in the District Court in Częstochowa in the case of an organized criminal group, which contributed to the creation of 11 illegal hazardous waste dumps in the Śląskie, Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie, Pomorskie and Wielkopolskie voivodships. 30 people were charged with the indictment. They were accused of a total of almost 200 acts.

– These are crimes of various types against the environment, property, against the credibility of documents, activities in an organized criminal group and the so-called money laundering. The most severe of these acts is punishable by up to three to 15 years imprisonment – says Dominik Bogacz, the press spokesman of the Częstochowa court.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor read out the indictment and that was the end of the evidentiary activities. The defendants are not to start submitting explanations before the court until the next hearing.

They are accused of having accumulated a total of over four thousand tons of hazardous waste. Their disposal costs several dozen million zlotys.

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The aggrieved parties are municipalities and private persons

Illegal landfills are located in the following provinces: Śląskie (in Gliwice, Chybie, Zawiercie, Częstochowa and Rudnik Wielki), Wielkopolskie (in Jastrowie), Pomorskie (in Ogorzeliny), Małopolskie (in Wojkowice, Spytkowice and Trzyciąż) and Świętokrzyskie (in Odonowo).

The municipalities where these landfills are located, as well as private persons, from whom members of the group, through the companies they have set up, were to rent properties or warehouses for waste storage, are aggrieved.

“We exercise, how to remove waste”

– The person I represent has remained with this hazardous waste until now. We exercise how to remove it. At present, it has to be dealt with by the commune. We are waiting for the situation to develop, says Tomasz Bieda, who represents the aggrieved woman from the Silesian Voivodeship, from the Kamienica Polska commune (town of Rudnik Wielki).

As he explains, car parts were to be stored on the site and there was no reason to say otherwise. Meanwhile, liquid waste appeared there, threatening the environment and human safety.

– It is quite a large waste depot. Also, the amount of removing it is really gigantic, so it is a great pity and a situation in which my client herself cannot handle it. We hope that the development of the situation will allow us to finish it happily – adds Bieda.

Main photo source: TVN24

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