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Czestochowa. They entered a block of flats and beat the inhabitants for no reason and beat up a worker in the street. The two oldest are already in custody, the 16-year-old will be dealt with by a family court

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They were looking for a newly met friend in a block of flats in Częstochowa (Śląskie Voivodeship). They knocked door to door. When they found her, they started beating the tenants, trying to steal the bike. On the same day, they also beat up a worker working in the street. These are the findings of the police that arrested the three men. One of them had already been sentenced for another beating.

At the end of September, the inhabitants of one of the blocks of flats in the center of Częstochowa reported a row and a beating to the police. The police established that three unknown perpetrators entered one of the blocks in the city center and beat five people living there for no reason.

Last Sunday (November 7), the police from Częstochowa together with the criminals fighting the crime of hooligans detained two men aged 27 and 26. According to the police, they attempted a robbery and attacked and beaten six random people. A 16-year-old was supposed to help them. All three – as determined by the police – are associated with the milieu of hooligans sympathizing with Silesian football clubs.

The oldest men heard the charges and were arrested for two months. They are threatened with four to 12 years imprisonment. The 16-year-old will be dealt with by a family court.

They were looking for a friend, they beat up five tenants

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The crime took place at the end of September. According to police findings, the 27-, 26- and 16-year-old met two women in the city center. One of them left the company and went to her friend’s apartment. The men decided to go get her. However, they did not know the exact address. – Two of them entered one of the cages and, trying to find their new friend, knocked on each door. The third was waiting in front of the block – reports the Częstochowa police.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the suspects finally ended up in the apartment where the girl they were looking for was. – When they saw that there were two men in the apartment, they beat them without a word of explanation and then wanted to steal a bicycle from the hall. Resistance from the tenant prevented them from stealing the bike, so they left the apartment and headed towards the exit, the policemen determined.

The neighbors heard the argument. They decided to check what was going on. The more that from the apartment with the bicycle, you could hear a loud party already the previous evening. They went out into the corridor and talked to the tenant of the premises. Then three suspects returned to the block. – When they saw people standing in the cage, they started beating them all one by one, and then ran away. During the investigation, the police found that the same men on the same day, also for no reason, attacked a man who was doing construction work on one of the nearby streets, police report.

The description of the perpetrators from Częstochowa led the police to Kędzierzyn-Koźle

Criminals from police station I, together with operating hooligans dealing with crimes, analyzed the collected material and checked the clues that could lead them to criminals. They had a description of them, given by the aggrieved parties. On this basis, they assumed that people from outside the Częstochowa poviat are behind the crimes.

One and a half months after the crime, they detained in Kędzierzyn-Koźle two men, aged 26 and 27, associated with the hooligans. During the identification of the 26-year-old, it turned out that he was wanted by the Opole judiciary to serve a prison sentence for beating up.

The 16-year-old resident of Częstochowa.

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