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Czestochowa. Tortured Kamil is still in a serious condition. “We managed to remove necrotic tissues, lay skin grafts”

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An eight-year-old boy from Częstochowa was burned, beaten and kicked. Since April 3, he has been in the hospital, he is in a pharmacological coma, which helps him endure the pain. Going through more treatments. According to the hospital, the problem is burn disease. Kamil’s condition is serious but stable, he is not deteriorating.

“Kamilek is still in a serious condition. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, it was possible to remove necrotic tissues and place skin grafts on burn wounds. Unfortunately, burn disease, i.e. an inflammatory reaction of the body to a burn injury, is still a problem. The boy now requires further treatment in the Intensive Care Unit in in order to restore the proper functioning of the body” – informed the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice on Friday.

An eight-year-old boy from Częstochowa has been treated there since April 3. He was hospitalized with burns over 25 percent of his body. Doctors also found old, unhealed fractures to the leg and both arms.

The boy is still in the intensive care unit. His condition is stable but serious – said Wojciech Gumułka, spokesman for GCZD. He added: – He is still in a pharmacological coma, breathing with medical equipment. This saves him from subsequent awakenings and coma during subsequent wound cleaning procedures. These are difficult treatments and such a small organism does not easily endure it. He suffered painful burns, thanks to the fact that he is in a coma, he does not suffer

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Stepfather suspected of attempted murder, mother of aiding and abetting

The boy was beaten. The investigation in this case is conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa. The boy’s guardians were charged and arrested. 27-year-old Dawid B., Kamil’s stepfather, is suspected of trying to kill a child and mistreating him with extreme cruelty. He was to beat and kick the boy all over his body, burn him with cigarettes, pour boiling water over him and place him on a hot coal stove. 35-year-old Magdalena B., Kamil’s mother, is accused by the prosecutor’s office of helping her husband in these acts without reacting and helping her son.

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Allegations against the mother and stepfather of an 8-year-old boyTVN24

The family was under the supervision of many services in Częstochowa, as well as in Olkusz in Lesser Poland, where B. lived from last summer until almost the end of winter. They returned to Częstochowa at the turn of February and March. They were regularly visited by district officers from the Częstochowa and Olkusz police, a family assistant from social welfare centers, and a probation officer. Kamil went to school. No one noticed signs of violence.

Social Welfare Center in Częstochowa about 8-year-old Kamil

Social Welfare Center in Częstochowa about 8-year-old KamilTVN24

Mother’s translation school. Because he tripped on the threshold, because he poured himself hot tea

According to the doctors, the boy’s oldest injuries occurred a month before he was admitted to the hospital. Employees of the school where the boy attended registered only one arm fracture in March.

Hospital about the injuries of an eight-year-old boy from Częstochowa

Hospital about the injuries of an eight-year-old boy from CzęstochowaTVN24

As Agnieszka Cupiał, director of the Special Schools Complex No. 28 in Częstochowa, described to us, on March 9, Kamil complained of pain in his hand. He also had bruises and a cut lip. The mother was to explain at school that her son had tripped over the doorstep and fell over. The next day, when he came back to school with a sore hand, the teachers sent the mother and child to the doctor. From then on, the boy went to school in a cast, which was removed on March 21.

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Cupiał assured that due to this injury, the boy had classes with a psychologist. The social welfare center was also informed about the case. As the spokeswoman for MOPS in Częstochowa Olga Dargiel told us, they knew about the broken arm, but – as she assured – the school did not notify them of another incident, which turned out to be much more serious.

Investigators determined that Kamil’s burn occurred on Wednesday, March 29. That day the boy was at school for the last time. Agnieszka Cupiał said that the next day, Thursday, the boy was supposed to be at the swimming pool. – On Thursday morning we received information from my mother that there was an unfortunate accident at home, because Kamil poured himself hot tea and would not come to the swimming pool – described the director. She added that they had contact with her mother every day, as with all parents. They asked her to take the baby to the doctor. – After two hours we received information that yes, she was already there, she was provided with ointments, and Kamil was resting – reported Cupiał.

But on Friday, the boy was out of school again. On Saturday, the teacher asked her mother if everything was okay. – She got the answer that yes, it’s better – said Cupiał. The mother was to add in a conversation with the teacher that the son would probably not come to school next week, because he was to go to his biological father for Christmas and he was being prepared for it.

This put the school at ease – especially in light of the earlier incident with the hand.

On Monday, April 3, Mr. Artur, Kamil’s biological father, came for him and his son, one year younger. He found Kamil burnt and notified the services. As he told us, the boy lay curled up. – I took him on my hands, because he could not stand on his legs – he reported. And he added: – The whole face was burned. Chest, back, arms, legs. They must have cut him off silent because it stuck to his body.

The abused eight-year-old lived in CzęstochowaTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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