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Czosnow. Route S7 towards Gdańsk. What difficulties?

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Difficulties must be taken into account when leaving Warsaw for the May weekend on the S7 road towards Gdańsk. Traffic in both directions takes place in two lanes, but due to the reconstruction, the speed is limited to 50 kilometers per hour. Road workers promise that they will stop work in the Czosnów area over the long weekend. – The point is not to cause additional difficulties – explains the GDDKiA spokeswoman.

Works are underway on the construction site of S7 from Czosnów northwards. Heavy machines are breaking down heaps of gravel. Trucks run back and forth. Traffic through the construction site is carried out on temporary roads. Vehicles going both towards Gdańsk and Warsaw use two lanes. Speed ​​limits of 50 km/h apply.

How is the traffic?

Only on a short section before the bridge over the Vistula river, traffic in both directions takes place along the road towards Gdańsk in a variable 2+1 cross-section. There are traffic lights above the roadway indicating the organization of traffic on the lanes. As in a road tunnel, a green arrow above the lane indicates that it can be used. A red cross means no traffic. On weekends and holidays, the number of lanes in a given direction depends on traffic peaks.

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S7 is one of the busiest routes. According to data from the last measurement carried out in 2020, on the section between Łomianki and Czosnów, 44,000 were counted in one day. cars. During the week between peaks, traffic on detours is smooth. On Friday before the long weekend, it will certainly be much bigger.

Małgorzata Tarnowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, informs that, like every other weekend, construction works will be suspended during the May weekend. – The point is not to cause additional difficulties – says Tarnowska.

Location of the S7 route between Płońsk and CzosnówGDDKiA

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Main photo source: GDDKiA

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