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Czumów. They were dressed in scuba diving costumes. They swam across the Bug, dragging boxes of illegal cigarettes behind them

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Near the town of Czumów (Lublin Province), border guards detained two Ukrainian citizens. Those – dressed as divers – sailed across the border river Bug. They crashed on land carrying cartons of illegal cigarettes.

4.5 thousand packs of cigarettes – with a total value of almost PLN 70 thousand – were secured by border guards from the facility in Hrubieszów.

Contraband was found next to two Ukrainian citizens and one Polish citizen who were walking from the Polish-Ukrainian border towards a nearby town and were carrying packages.

Water-proof boxes

Two Ukrainians and one Pole were arrested on the spot The Bug River Border Guard Unit

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– As it was established, Ukrainian citizens dressed in divers’ costumes crossed the state border against the regulations by crossing the border river Bug. While crossing the river, men dragged boxes of cigarettes, which were protected against soaking with black foil, says Lieutenant Dariusz Sienicki, spokesman for the Bug River Border Guard Unit.

Illegal cigarettes were left about 150 meters from the riverbank. From there – as the border guard claims – they were to be picked up by other people.

Five people detained

A total of five people were detained during the operations of the Border Guard. Apart from two Ukrainian citizens, also three Polish citizens – inhabitants of the region.


– A preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention for a period of two months was applied to two Ukrainian citizens. Preliminary proceedings were initiated in the case and further official activities are underway – emphasizes Sienicki.

Contraband was placed in boxes, secured with black foil The Bug River Border Guard Unit

The Ukrainians were detained near the town of Czumów in the Hrubieszów commune

Main photo source: The Bug River Border Guard Unit

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