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Dąbrowa Białostocka. Marcin Kleczkowski complained to Jarosław Kaczyński about Dariusz Ostapowicz

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PiS lists in the local elections were created as a result of “ordinary coteries and arrangements.” This is what an activist from Podlasie told Jarosław Kaczyński at a meeting in Dąbrowa Białostocka. He also stated that the chairman of the Augustów city council was a party member who “was fired four times for being rude.” Jarosław Kaczyński promised to return to this issue after the European Parliament elections.

Everything happened on Thursday (May 16) during a meeting with the president PIS Jarosław Kaczyński in Dąbrowskie Białostocka.

In the part intended for asking questions, the first speaker was Marcin Kleczkowski, who for many years was the head of PiS structures in the Augustów poviat. He stated that in the Augustów poviat, “as a result of ordinary coteries and arrangements”, long-time PiS members – including himself – were not admitted to the lists in the local elections, and the lists included people who had been disciplinaryally expelled from PiS.

Marcin Kleczkowski asked the PiS president for an honest answermat. organizer

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He introduced himself as a “simple construction worker”

– These are four people, including: Mr. Dariusz Ostapowicz, who was fired four times for dishonesty, became the chairman of the city council. Can I count on an honest answer, Mr. President? How is it? Why is this happening? I am a simple construction worker, I go to work every day, I am asking for an honest answer – he said, turning to Kaczyński.

He initially said, laughing, that Kleczkowski “doesn't look like a construction worker.”

– Today Poland is changing, people are changing. When you look at the protesting farmers, you remember the village from almost 70 years ago and it's a completely different world, which you should be happy about, said the president.

Jarosław Kaczyński promised that he would look into the matter mat. organizer

Kaczyński: It is quite far from Warsaw to Augustów. It's a bit hard to see

He also stated that he did not know the case, but apologized for any mistakes and promised to fix it elections to the European Parliament he will receive both men and talk to them.

– I know that there have been disputes in Augustów for many years. It is quite far from Warsaw to Augustów. It's a bit hard to see, he said.

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He claims he was never disciplined.

When we call Dariusz Ostapowicz, he tells us that he has never been dismissed from work for disciplinary reasons.

– Employment certificates may prove this. I intend to consult this matter with lawyers and consider whether to take the case to court for defamation, he notes.

He admits that yes, along with other activists, he was once excluded from PiS. He recalls that this happened after, in 2019, as a city councilor, he supported a resolution that allowed Kleczkowski to be dismissed from the position of director of the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Suwałki.

– Later we were reinstated as PiS members – he notes.

He claims that the words that Kleczkowski uttered at the meeting in Dąbrowa Białostocka result from “frustration”.

Main photo source: mat. organizer

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