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Daniel Fried, former US ambassador to Poland: our values ​​are still under pressure from Moscow

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Daniel Fried, the first winner of the Courier Medal from Warsaw, was a guest of TVN24 after the gala at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The former US ambassador to Poland talked with Arkadiusz Wierzuk, among others. about the achievements of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, the meaning of freedom and the war in Ukraine. If we can exert influence, we must exert it and do everything to make Ukraine’s situation as good as possible, he emphasized the need for active measures by the West against the Russian invasion.

Receiving the award on Sunday, Fried described the award as “an honor of a lifetime”. The award was established to commemorate Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, a famous courier of the Home Army, a Warsaw insurgent, and the values ​​he professed.

– It’s a great honor. For me, Jan Nowak-Jeziorański was in a way a friend, because we worked together intensively during the great changes and liberation of Poland. Besides, he always believed that Poland could be a free and democratic country. He was convinced of it, despite the prevailing situation – emphasized the winner of the Courier Medal.

Fried: Victory is necessary

– We are at the Warsaw Uprising Museum, it is the anniversary of the January Uprising. Poland was not doomed to defeat, Poland took away freedom. The Battle of Warsaw in 1944 was lost, and the war… Jan Nowak-Jeziorański said that Poland has not yet perished. He often said that, and he was right. I am honored to receive such an award, given that our values ​​are still under pressure from Moscow. Had it not been for Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, his struggle, perhaps Poland would have been under attack from the side Russia Daniel Fried pointed out.

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The former US ambassador to Poland also said that Ukrainians are now fighting for their, but also for Polish and European freedom. He stressed that we need to consider whether we can do even more to help them. – Americans and Poles have done a lot of things against Ukraine – political, moral, military, but we can do more. We can make an impact in the West, Fried said.

He was also asked how it would end war in Ukraine. – I don’t know, but at the beginning of the war, the Americans and the Poles were convinced that the Ukrainians would lose, and the Russians, sooner or later, rather sooner, might win. It turned out not. In the summer I remember the opinion prevailing in the West that the first attempt was unsuccessful, and now the Russian offensive in Donbass will destroy the Ukrainians. And then we had two Ukrainian victories – near Kharkov and Kherson. Now we don’t know,” the former ambassador explained USA.

– We can make an impact, we in the West. And if we can, we must. We must do everything to make Ukraine’s situation as good as possible, he concluded.

The whole conversation with Daniel Fried on TVN24TVN24

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/OLEG PETRASYUK

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