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Daniel Obajtek has still not received the summons to the commission. President of Orlen: no one will artificially distract me from the elections

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If I am informed correctly, in accordance with the law, and this (summons) is delivered to me, I will appear at the investigative committee, said former president of Orlen Daniel Obajtek, currently a PiS candidate for the European Parliament. He argued that he had “a lot to say on many issues” and the head of the visa scandal commission, Michał Szczerba, “will regret” inviting him to the hearing. – But in due time, because now I'm busy with the elections – he added.

On Tuesday, the commission of inquiry into the visa scandal plans to question the former president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, whom he wants to ask about the employment of foreigners in the company's investment – Olefina III.

On Sunday, the head of the commission, Michał Szczerba (KO), posted a copy of Obajtek's summons and scans from the National Prosecutor's Office on the X platform, CBA and the District Police Headquarters in Myślenice stating that the former head of Orlen failed to deliver the summons.

>> The police failed to deliver the summons to Daniel Obajtek. “We tried several times” <<

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“Daniel Obajtek pretends to be ready to appear. In fact, he evades his duties as a witness. He does not answer summons sent to seven addresses established by the commission, as well as the prosecutor's office and the CBA. The failure of the witness Obajtek to appear will have serious consequences!” – wrote Szczerba.

Obajtek was a guest on Friday morning in the “Word for Word” program on the Radio of the Tarnów Diocese. However, he did not come to the studio, he only talked to the host on the phone. During the conversation, when asked if he was abroad, he assured that he was still in Poland and running an election campaign for the European Parliament.

Obajtek: Chairman Szczerba will regret it

Meanwhile, during one of the election picnics in Podkarpacie, the former president of Orlen was asked by Polsat News whether he would appear before the commission.

– If I am informed correctly and in accordance with the law and it is delivered to me, I will appear as a citizen of this country. I'll even be happy to do it because I'll tell you what I think about it. I have a lot to say on many issues (…) and I think that Chairman Szczerba will regret inviting me to the committee – he said Daniel Obajtek.

– But in due time, because I'm busy now elections and no one will artificially distract me from the elections, he added.

>> Where is Obajtek? Morawiecki “sees him everywhere in Podkarpacie” <<

“I have as much in common with visas as I have in common with dust on Mars”

He also argued: – I am summoned to a committee with which I have nothing to do, because I have as much in common with visas as with dust on the Marswhich means nothing.

In the opinion of the former president of the company, calling him before the committee is “nothing more than a political show, a show made by Mr. Szczerba, who is probably not doing well with the campaign and wants to add a few points.” – I won't dance the way Mr. Szczerba plays – he said.

He said that international companies, including Hyundai, participated in the investments made by Orlen. – We have built and are building one of the largest petrochemical investments in Europe, this is Płock. But when it comes to employees for this investment, Hyundai and the other consortium member in this regard are responsible for bringing in these employees, he said. – So if you bring someone to the commission, you should bring in a representative of Hyundai in this area – he said.

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Obajtek also said that the visa commission is “one big political stunt made by Mr. Szczerba.” – I think that Poles are fed up with this circus. The ruling team should not deal with circuses and commissions, but should deal with fuels, which should be priced at PLN 5.19, and should deal with cheaper gas and energy prices, he said.

When asked about the opinions that he was hiding and staying abroad, the former head of Orlen argued that he was in Podkarpacie and was meeting people as part of the election campaign. – I have social media, I show where I am every day. I'm not running away, I'm not avoiding. There are police here who also participate in this picnic, said Obajtek.

Information about a possible request for a penalty

Szczerba recently announced that the committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday will take place and he hopes that Obajtek will appear due to the fact that “the fact of the hearing is public.”

– If it turns out that Daniel Obajtek does not answer the summons from the police before the meeting, the committee will apply to the court to impose a disciplinary penalty on him – said Szczerba.

Commission of inquiry into the so-called The visa scandal investigates abuses, negligence and omissions in the legalization of the stay of foreigners in Poland in the period from November 12, 2019 to November 20, 2023.

Main photo source: Adam Chelstowski / Forum

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