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Daniel Obajtek summoned before the visa scandal commission. Will he show up?

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The former head of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, was summoned to Tuesday's meeting of the commission of inquiry into the visa scandal. Obajtek, the PiS candidate in the European Parliament elections, announced that he would not be a “monkey in Michał Szczerba's circus” and it is not clear whether he will appear at the hearing.

On Tuesday, from 10 a.m., the Sejm investigative committee on the so-called regarding the visa scandal plans to question the former presidents of Orlen and Grupa Azoty: Daniel Obajtek and Tomasz Hinc. I want to ask them, among other things: o employing foreigners in the investments of both companies: Olefiny III and Polimery Police.

On Monday, Obajtek, who is running for the European Parliament from the list PIS in Podkarpacie, wrote on platform He added that “it has as much in common with visas as dust on Mars.”

“Receipt of the letter should be confirmed with a handwritten, legible signature containing the full name and surname on the return receipt,” Obajtek emphasized. According to him, “such a situation did not occur.”

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The head of the investigative commission on the visa scandal, Michał Szczerba (KO), replied on website X: “I am glad that Daniel Obajtek publicly confirmed his knowledge of the summons to a hearing before the commission on the visa scandal.”

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The witness summoning procedure was two-step

According to the vice-chairman of the commission, Marek Sowa (KO), the procedure for summoning a witness was two-stage and first the summons was sent by registered mail. – If we know that there is obstruction and avoidance, in the second step the police receives a summons and the police received it. I don't know what the answers are from the police, but I think they will be provided at the committee meeting on Tuesday, Sowa said in an interview with PAP.

– Apart from formal issues, however, the witness is fully aware that he has been summoned. This is public information that the witness himself comments on, but ignores the summons, he added.

Daniel ObajtekRadek Pietruszka/PAP

Another vice-chairman of the committee, Daniel Milewski (PiS), in an interview with PAP, noted that the meeting of the investigative committee is “not a concert or circus performances that should be invited through a poster.” – Such a summons, if made quickly, is in good tone and was often the case, as it was consulted with the people summoned. They were asked when they could appear and they were summoned on that date, he said.

On Monday, the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów confirmed that it had received a request from the police station in Myślenice (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) to provide a summons to the former president of Orlen.

Szczerba had previously announced that if Daniel Obajtek does not answer the summons from the police, the commission will apply to the court to impose a disciplinary penalty on him.

Pursuant to the Act on Sejm Investigative Committees, “if a person (…) fails to appear at the request of the committee without justification, leaves the place of action before its completion without the committee's permission, or unjustifiably refrains from testifying or taking an oath, the committee may apply to the District Court in Warsaw for the imposition of a disciplinary penalty. “The provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Executive Penal Code shall apply accordingly to the proceedings regarding the consideration of the application (…) and the execution of the imposed disciplinary penalty,” the Act specifies.

“A financial penalty of up to PLN 3,000 may be imposed on a witness, expert, translator or specialist who, without due justification, did not appear at the request of the authority conducting the proceedings or, without the consent of this authority, left the place of the proceedings before its completion,” it states. and the Code of Criminal Procedure. The court may also order – in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure – the compulsory bringing of a witness.

Employment of foreigners

Orlen's main production plant, the largest refinery and petrochemical complex in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, is located in Płock. The company signed the contract for the construction of the Olefiny III complex in June 2021 with Hyundai Engineering based in Seoul and Tecnicas Reunidas based in Madrid. Completion of the investment is planned for the first half of 2027.

Exploitation of foreigners during Orlen's investment. Material Notes! TVNAttention! TVN

In 2023, when the construction of the Olefin III installation was already underway, a container town for employees was built nearby, able to accommodate approx. 6,000 people. people. The concern then informed that, according to the data provided by the contractor, workers were and would be employed on the construction site, including: from South Korea and Spainand also with IndiaMalaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

Szczerba told PAP that the commission collected documents from the Ministry of State Assets, which show that there were irregularities when “recruiting” employees by two companies with State Treasury participation – Orlen and Grupa Azoty – for their investments.

Commission of inquiry into the so-called The visa scandal investigates abuses, negligence and omissions in the legalization of the stay of foreigners in Poland in the period from November 12, 2019 to November 20, 2023.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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