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Daniel Obajtek under surveillance by the CBA. Onet about the behind-the-scenes of Operation Vampiryna

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During the rule of the United Right, the CBA surveilled the president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, Onet writes on Thursday. The portal describes the behind-the-scenes of the special operation code-named “Vampiryna”. He mentions a plane rented by Orlen that flew to China and back “empty”, for huge amounts of money. There is also the thread of an arms dealer and the Pope, to whom Obajtek gave him protective equipment worth millions of zlotys in the middle of the pandemic. The case was never brought to the prosecutor’s office, despite requests from CBA agents – we read in the article.

“It’s a story like from a thriller novel,” writes Onet. “There is a famous arms dealer there – the same one from whom the Ministry of Health bought fake respirators. There are empty flights of a Boeing rented by Orlen to China and back, which could have cost as much as a million dollars. There is even the Pope, to whom Obajtek took protective equipment during the pandemic, which was supposed to be delivered to Polish hospitals,” we read.

According to the website, there were agents involved in the operation CBA They wanted Obajtek to be charged for the irregularities documented by wiretapping. “Not a hair fell from his head,” notes the author of the article, Jacek Harłukowicz.

Daniel ObajtekRadek Pietruszka/PAP

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85 pages of report

According to Onet, Obajtek was led to CBA agents by Adam Burak, his most trusted deputy, a member of the Orlen management board in charge of marketing and communications.

According to the portal, citing its sources in the services, at the turn of 2019 and 2020, the head of the CBA, Ernest Bejda, a trusted person Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik, submitted four applications to the District Court in Warsaw for consent to operational control of Burak’s phones. As Harłukowicz points out, one of them could involve the use of the Pegasus system.

All applications were submitted “due to possible corruption,” we read.

For several months, CBA agents eavesdropped on the conversations of Adam Burak and many people who contacted him, including Daniel Obajtek – claims Onet. He adds that the special operation, which lasted over a year, resulted in an 85-page report describing the irregularities that allegedly occurred in 2019-2020 in Orlen. “Irregularities for which the agents blame not only Burak, but also Daniel Obajtek,” the portal writes.

According to this publication, one of the chapters of the report concerns “the suspicion of committing the crime of mismanagement, abuse of trust and acting to the detriment of the company” by Obajtek and Burak during “the purchase of protective masks in China by PKN Orlen SA through E&K Sp. z o. o.” .

The company in question belonged to the late Andrzej Izdebski, a famous arms dealer who, during the pandemic, sold ventilators to the Ministry of Health, some of which turned out to be defective, and did not deliver the rest on time. The ministry paid him EUR 35 million (about PLN 160 million) in advance for the supply of this equipment at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Respirators for the Ministry of Health. The prosecutor’s office is still investigating the case. “Proceedings have never taken so long in Poland”Jacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

An empty flight to China and back

Onet writes that, according to the arrangements of the CBA agents, Orlen established cooperation with Izdebski at the beginning of 2020, but the state-owned company, like health departmentshe was deceived by him.

“PKN Orlen SA chartered a plane belonging to LOT, i.e. a Boeing 767, on which protective masks were to be transported from China to Poland. The purchase in question was to be made through E&K Sp. z o. o. However, due to the failure to comply with the terms of cooperation by the above-mentioned company E&K Sp. z o. o., the masks in China were not prepared on the date when they were to be collected. Therefore, the Boeing 767 aircraft probably flew empty on the Poland – China – Poland route – reads fragment of the services’ report, quoted by Onet.

Daniel Obajtek wearing a mask PAP/Wojciech Olkuśnik

According to Onet, CBA agents estimated Orlen’s losses in this respect at PLN 500,000. up to 1 million US dollars. The CBA report noted that Izdebski’s company was selected to act as an intermediary in the purchase of medical and protective equipment, despite having no experience in trading this type of products.

“Taking into account the above, it can be concluded that the choice of E&K Sp. not medical equipment,” said CBA agents quoted by Onet.

“Just a fraud who was pointed out by the services” – this is what Obajtek said about Izdebski in a conversation with Burak. Onet refers to the CBA transcripts of the conversations between both men, which it claims to have had access to.

“Prepare a truck of liquid for the Vatican”

Onet also describes Obajtek with the president Andrzej Duda “they came to help” for Pope Francissending at his request to Vatican protective equipment purchased from an arms dealer worth over PLN 3 million.

Daniel Obajtek’s conversation with Adam Burak, quoted by Onet after the CBA report, shows that decisions were made very quickly.

Daniel Obajtek: “Adam, listen, Paris called me [Jan Parys, w latach 2015-2018 szef gabinetu politycznego ministra spraw zagranicznych]that Franciszek called two weeks ago… now to the president and Paris asked me to give the liquid to the Vatican, we have to prepare a lot of liquid!” Adam Burak: “no”. TO: “and Franciszek knows that Orlen is supposed to give the liquid and imagine that Francis…” AB: “the pope?”. TO: “… thanked the president… the pope…” AB: “fuck… hehehe.” TO: “… thanked the president in telephone conversation that Orlen would give them the fluid, f…, can you imagine that?” AB: “hehehe, fuck… well.” DO: “fuck… Adam, let’s get a truck of fluid ready for the Vatican.” AB: “but, so what needs to be done to deliver it now?” TO: “get ready for a truck of liquid! Listen, chickens… masks, these silver chickens…, let’s load two hundred thousand silver masks with silver ions there.” AB: “okay.” DO: “get it ready, damn it… everything for Monday and the truck will leave for the Vatican on Monday, I’m already calling the president. And we need to spread the word right and left!” ______________________________

“On May 8, 2020, in the morning, PKN Orlen sent a convoy of several trucks with protective measures against the COVID-19 virus to the Holy See. On board, at the peak of the pandemic, when there was a shortage of almost everything in the country, there were a total of: 3,000. 600 five-liter cans with hand disinfectant, 3,200 five-liter containers with surface disinfectant, 705,000 three-layer protective masks, 30,000 reusable masks and 10,000 overalls,” we read in the Onet article.

Onet cites the CBA report, which emphasizes that “the organization of transport with medical assistance for the Vatican significantly limited the assistance of PKN Orlen SA for medical facilities for some time”, and Daniel Obajtek’s actions “could have endangered the health of a number of Poles who might not have had the necessary protective measures against the coronavirus at that time.”

According to the portal’s findings, the medical equipment that was sent to the Vatican was intended, among others, for Polish hospitals and for the personal protection of Orlen employees. “In addition, during this period there were significant shortages of hand disinfectants for Polish citizens, despite the launch of production by PKN Orlen SA, which was unable to meet the huge demand,” wrote the CBA agency, quoted by Onet.

As Onet summarizes, “Orlen gave up protecting Polish citizens and its own employees, and preferred to send the equipment that was supposed to serve them to Pope Francis.” “In the face of the pandemic, Daniel Obajtek found an opportunity to promote himself,” the portal adds.

The described CBA analysis also shows that the transport to the Vatican “was intended to benefit Andrzej Duda’s presidential campaign.”

Onet claims that, according to CBA agents, Obajtek’s action could have violated the law. “According to the collected material, the transport of medical aid to the Vatican was organized and sent on the order of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda after a telephone conversation between the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and Pope Francis and had nothing to do with the promotional or PR activities of PKN Orlen SA, and Its sole purpose was to benefit Andrzej Duda’s presidential campaign. (…) As recorded telephone conversations indicate, there were no legal grounds for sending such transport in the form of a donation in accordance with the provisions of law and the policy of PKN Orlen SA,” said the CBA agents, quoted by Onet.

Hospitals are calling for personal protective equipment.  In the current situation, they wear them out quickly (material from March 2020)

Hospitals are calling for personal protective equipment. In the current situation, they wear them out quicklyMasks, gloves and protective suits – it is increasingly difficult to obtain them, even for those who have daily contact with people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Hospitals have supplies, but they are dwindling at an alarming rate. Hospitals are already asking for support, because the peak of COVID-19 cases in Poland is still ahead of us. Bartłomiej Ślak | Facts in the afternoon

Suspicion of committing a crime and no reaction

Onet claims that the materials collected through wiretapping, indicating possible violations of the law by Obajtek, were never forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

“The CBA agents assess the material collected as part of the operation as sufficient to notify the relevant authorities about at least several possible crimes. There is an accusation of acting to the detriment of the company by making purchases from an arms dealer who deceived Orlen in terms of deliveries. The second possible accusation concerned irregularities during export protective measures to the Vatican,” we read in the article.

“The material obtained under Article 17 of the Act on the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau as part of the Operational Investigation Case conducted under the code name “Vampiryna”, reg. no. 15/19/WA, constitutes significant evidence of the commission of crimes by the persons mentioned in point V [Daniel Obajtek i Adam Burak]. Taking the above into account, the collected material should be sent to the Prosecutor General for a decision to initiate preparatory proceedings.

As we read in the article, “the agents, in accordance with the regulations, submitted their application to the Operational and Investigation Department of the CBA, which rejected their applications twice.” Onet did not receive an answer from the CBA to the question “who from the Operational and Investigation Department twice questioned the analysis of the agents conducting the case and withheld their requests to transfer materials regarding Obajtek to the prosecutor’s office.”

The tvn24.pl editorial team asked the Chancellery of the President and the Central Bureau of Investigation to respond to these reports.

Main photo source: PAP/Wojciech Olkuśnik

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