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Dariusz Martynowicz Teacher of the Year 2021. Joanna Mikusek-Przystajko with the title of Tomorrow’s Teacher @

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Dariusz Martynowicz, a Polish language teacher at the Małopolska School of Hospitality in Myślenice, became the Teacher of the Year 2021, and Joanna Mikusek-Przystajko, an ethics teacher and school pedagogue at the Social School and Kindergarten Complex in Kudowa-Zdrój, received the title of Teacher of Tomorrow @. What were they appreciated for?

– In the Teacher of the Year competition, from the first edition, we are looking for and rewarding people who are above average in many dimensions – emphasizes prof. Stefan M. Kwiatkowski, chairman of the competition jury, and vice-chairman of the Pedagogical Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. – The first is the didactic dimension, i.e. we evaluate what teachers are of their subjects. The second aspect is educational achievements, which are often overshadowed by the didactic ones, because the latter are easier to measure. The third area is organizational activity. And in this matter, our winners are also at the forefront of the peloton. The successes they have achieved in these fields are admirable – he emphasizes.

Teacher of the Year 2019 – Zyta Czechowska

The Teacher of the Year competition has been organized since 2002. Were it not for the one-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the jubilee, already twentieth edition of this competition would take place. Its organizer is the trade weekly “Głos Teacher”. The awards were presented at the ceremonial finals in the Grand Hall of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Polish philologist from Myślenice

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The jury decided to teach the Year Teacher of the Year Dariusz Martynowicz, a Polish teacher at the Małopolska School of Hospitality in Myślenice. On a daily basis, Martynowicz runs an original curriculum based on visual thinking in education with elements of mathematics and programming. While working at the previous school – High School No. 5 in Krakow – he created an interdisciplinary team consisting of students from the humanities and algorithmic classes. These teams achieved the best results in the country in the national algorithmic competition. The teacher was also the coordinator of the pilot program of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland “Shaping the Space”, thanks to which he introduced elements of architectural education to his lessons.

Changes in teachers’ work. Dariusz Martynowicz in an interview with Justyna Sucheka. READ >>>

Pcim. Children painted a mural with a rooster, the priest criticizes (archival material)Children from Pcim, with the support of the foundation, painted a colorful mural in their village. This, however, was not to be liked by the local parish priest – according to the organizers of the campaign, the clergyman pointed out during the sermon, among other things, that the foundation helping to create the mural “supports LGBT and women’s rights to abortion”.“Regio-mural Kliszczacy” | Association of Local Initiatives “Talent”

In Pcim, where he lives, he co-realized the project “Regio-mural Kliszczacy”. It consisted of workshops for young people on graffiti, contemporary art, copyright, and the culmination was the execution of murals referring to the tradition of the Kliszczak Highlanders.

This year, instead of tests, quizzes and oral answers, he commissioned students to create something that would raise their marks and work on their weakest points in Polish. This is how, for example, board games based on “The Plague” were created. During the pandemic, he organized free training on remote working methods.


Martynowicz on returning to full-time education: I am glad to be able to see my students, but uncertainty remains TVN24

The hope of the Polish school

“Such teachers as Mr. Martynowicz are the hope of the Polish school. There are not very often people who not only teach, but also wisely and responsibly change Polish education, while defending the basic values ​​such as respect, tolerance, respect for diversity, sensitivity and lack of indifference. for evil “- wrote the school principal in the justification of the request.

“Everything in school starts with the teacher” (archival material)09.04 | As teacher Dariusz Martynowicz pointed out in “Fakty po Faktach”, “everything at school begins with the teacher”. – When a young person matures, the teacher shows him the world, opens it to other cultures, teaches respect, tolerance, and now this young person sees the lack of this respect, tolerance, contempt towards us, that is towards teachers – he said.tvn24

In early October, Martynowicz was one of the teachers who talked to us about changes in the teacher’s workproposed by Minister Czarnek. Then he told us bitterly: – The teachers will leave schools. And not only the eldest will leave. Young people will also leave: English, mathematicians, and Polish scholars. A good teacher will find a job everywhere. And I am convinced that, unfortunately, first of all, the best will leave.

In this year’s competition for the Teacher of the Year, the jury also decided to award two distinctions. They were awarded to: Joanna Świercz, mathematics teacher at Primary School No. UNICEF in Opole and Joanna Waszkowska, teacher of Polish language and media knowledge at Secondary School No. 2 with Bilingual Branches. Emilii Plater in Sosnowiec.

Janina Mikusek-Przystajko with the title Teacher of Tomorrow @ TVN24

The teacher of Tomorrow @

The Teacher of Tomorrow @ competition accompanying the Teacher of the Year is held for the first time this year. Who is the person who deserves this title? – The teacher of Tomorrow @ is a teacher focused on the future – explains prof. Kwiatkowski. And he adds: – The pandemic and the development of new technologies have meant that a modern teacher should look to the future with regard to what is traditional, i.e. the content, methods and forms of education.

This year, the title was won by Joanna Mikusek-Przystajko, an ethics teacher and school pedagogue in the Social School and Kindergarten Complex in Kudowa-Zdrój. In her competition application, she wrote, inter alia, about how to use robots in an ethics lesson.

During the classes, together with the students, he programs Photony robots, for example, so that they move from a selected value to another. Although the transition to the “other side of digital power”, as Ms Joanna says, was due to remote education, in order not to “lose” students, the change began moments earlier. When, as she claims – a humanist of flesh and blood – decided to follow the students and, at their request, she submitted her class to the “SuperCoders – Path of Physics Discoverers” program. This experience contributed to the development of digital competences and interest in new technology. And remote education only strengthened these resolutions.

Janina Mikusek-Przystajko received the title of Teacher of Tomorrow @TVN24


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