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Dariusz Matecki from PiS did not vote – why?

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Dariusz Matecki, a member of parliament from the Law and Justice party, was the only member of parliament who did not take part in the first vote of the new term of office of the Sejm – the election of the Speaker of the House. According to posts on social media, Matecki has been struggling with health problems since the morning. “If I could be present in the room, I would certainly vote for Elżbieta Witek,” he said.

Szymon Hołownia was elected as the new Speaker of the Sejm. The joint candidate of the Civic Coalition, Third Way and the New Left received 265 votes.

All MPs from the Civic Coalition, Third Way, New Left and 17 people from the Confederation voted for his candidacy. Konrad Berkowicz voted both against and against Hołownia Elżbieta Witek.

Szymon Hołownia was elected the new Speaker of the SejmPAP/Radek Pietruszka

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193 Law and Justice MPs voted for Elżbieta Witek. Dariusz Matecki (Sovereign Poland, club PIS) did not vote.

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Matecki was absent from the vote. “I feel like screaming”

According to a post on social media, the MP has been struggling with health problems since the morning. “I start my term in the Emergency Department, by ambulance from the Sejm hotel. It turned out that I had a kidney stone attack – terrible pain. But both the employees of the parliamentary house and the health care system – full class, the highest recognition and respect for their help and many thanks for your hard work! I made it back. Health to everyone!” – wrote Matecki on X.

The MP took the oath. While reading his name A distinct booing could be heard in the hall. A similar thing happened in the case of Łukasz Mejza.

However, he was absent from the votes, which he referred to in the next entry.

“I feel like screaming. Not only because of the pain, but because of the stupidity of these people. Yes – I am not present at the polls because the extreme kidney pain has returned – I have taken several ketonals, nops and other painkillers. I wholeheartedly support Marshal Elżbieta Witek and if I could have been present in the room, I would certainly have voted for it,” he said, adding one of the publications about him.

Main photo source: Cezary Aszkiełowicz/agencja wyborcza.pl

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