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Dariusz Matecki on the roof. Adrian Zandberg and Urszula Pasławska comment

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– Of all the features and achievements of Mr Matecki, the fact that he walks on rooftops seems to me the least problematic – commented Adrian Zandberg from the Razem party in “Fakty po Faktach”. – More is expected from politicians – said Urszula Pasławska from Trzecia Droga.

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia reported on Friday that there was an incident at night – someone was on the roof of the parliament building, where “they shouldn't be, because no one should be on the roof at 3 or 4 o'clock.” When asked if it was Dariusz Matecki from Sovereign Poland, he only said that he was waiting for the report of the Marshal's Guard.

Matecki, whose name appears in the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund, announced several dozen minutes later that it was him and that he had climbed onto the roof to “take a photo.” Moreover, he was sober and “did not see any Marshal's Guard.”

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“Maybe it's better for him to walk on the rooftops now.”

– If it's alcohol, then alcohol doesn't solve any problems. If this is stress, then I understand that he has reasons, but today it seems that this is not Mr. Matecki's biggest problem – commented Urszula Pasławska from Trzecia Droga.

She emphasized that “more is required from politicians.” – Therefore, I would also expect from the right-wing and Law and Justice circles that they would in some sense condemn this hooligan act, and not be happy about it – she added.

– Of all the features and achievements of Mr Matecki, the fact that he walks on rooftops seems to me the least problematic – said Adrian Zandberg (Razem). As he said, he remembers MP Matecki as “a truly gloomy figure who conducted an online campaign of negative emotions directed against various social groups.” – Maybe it's better for him to walk on the rooftops rather than write the things on the Internet that he wrote before – he added.

Zandberg admitted that he did not expect a reaction from Law and Justice. – I think it took years to get rid of illusions here. Of course, this story does not bring any pride to our parliament, but to be honest, there are figures in this parliament who have really worse things on their conscience than crawling on rooftops – said the TVN24 guest.

Zandberg on the European Parliament elections: it was a voters' strike

Zandberg and Pasławska also commented on the results elections to the European Parliament.

– First of all, these elections showed that even the first one who was very happy, i.e civil Platformshe was happy as PIS October 15. Because what did these elections show? That today PiS won again over Confederation, jointly – said the Third Way MP. In her opinion, “this is very important information for all of us because we want to protect Poland from previous governments.”

When asked about the future of Third Way, which took fourth place in the European Parliament elections (with 6.9% support), Pasławska replied that, in her opinion, “it is a very interesting project of young leaders who have built an alternative to two large political formations.” – I think it will continue. Two good jumps – in the parliamentary and local elections. And now a failed jump. We need to draw conclusions and move on, she said.

– In fact, after all these thefts and incompetence, PiS should have disappeared a long time ago. Meanwhile, we see a good result for PiS. Does it come from the fact that PiS won new voters? NO. It comes from the fact that millions of people are disappointed with what the change looked like in the fall and what the government looks like. And they didn't go to the polls, Zandberg said.

– I heard from people on the streets in the last days of the campaign: “Where are the apartments? Where are the civil partnerships? Why are there long queues to the doctor again? Why are energy prices and gas prices going up? If it's going to look like this, I won't go.” for the elections.” And what do we see? Attendance dropped significantly. This is a voters' strike. Voters did not go to vote, he said.

Zandberg on the European Parliament elections: it was a voters' strikeTVN24

What's next with Sunday trading?

The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” also talked about the issue of shopping Sundays. A draft amendment to the act banning trading on Sundays was submitted by the Polish 2050 MPs at the end of March. It provides for two shopping Sundays a month. For work on Sunday, the employee would be entitled to double remuneration, and the employer would be obliged to designate the employee a day off, from 6 days before to 6 days after the day of work on Sunday.

– We are standing here on the same side as the organization of trade workers. They speak very clearly and unambiguously. First, they want Sunday off. Secondly, the situation in large-format stores today is such that there are too few employees and the stores are no longer fully staffed. These fifty… often sixty-year-old women, who constitute a significant part of supermarket employees, are already very overloaded. And if you add another day, they will simply be overloaded even more – said Zandberg.

He added that “this is the day that people have become accustomed to, that they can spend it with their families.” – This is a large group of trade workers. We believe that it is worth respecting their position on this matter. And this is how we operate in parliament, he argued. He added that “in fact, there are fewer and fewer people on the economic side willing to restore trade on Sundays.”

– Over the last eight years, economic freedom has been greatly undermined. We need both a discussion and projects that will strengthen entrepreneurship and the Polish economy, Pasławska emphasized. She emphasized that not only business organizations and trade unions should be involved in this debate, but also local governments should have a say.

She pointed out that “we have very touristic areas that beg to be freed up for trade.” – But we need to talk about it, she said.

Main photo source: Chancellery of the Sejm

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