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Monday, April 22, 2024

Data leak at the Ministry of Digitization. It concerned remuneration components. The resort explains

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We would like to inform you that on January 17, 2024, a personal data breach occurred – the Ministry of Digitization informed the business editorial staff of tvn24.pl. It explained that the breach involved the disclosure of “information containing aggregate data on remuneration components.”

“We would like to inform you that on January 17, 2024, a personal data breach occurred. The breach consisted in the provision of information containing aggregate data on remuneration components by an employee of the Budget and Financial Office of the Ministry of Digitization to an employee of the Central IT Center in the internal document circulation system,” said Monika Dębkowska from communication office of the Ministry of Digitization in response to questions from the tvn24.pl business editorial team.

MC about the personal data breach

According to MC, the sharing was “unintentional and resulted from the similarity of the names of people working in both units.”

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The Ministry also indicated that “in accordance with preliminary findings as to the causes of the incident”, the controller submitted a report of the breach on January 19, 2024 to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

The ministry said that the administrator “decided to take remedial measures to strengthen data security and eliminate similar incidents in the future.”

– obliging employees to strictly verify the details of the addressee (name, surname, name of the organizational unit) to whom correspondence is sent in the internal system; – reminding all employees about the applicable principles of personal data protection, in particular in correspondence from and to the ministry and exchanged between organizational units.

The incident was noticed on social media by the industry portal Niebezpiecznik. “The ‘remuneration components of current and former employees of the Ministry of Digitization’ were leaked because an MC employee sent them in the electronic document circulation system to a different ‘Kowalski’ from MC than the one who should have received them,” it was written.


Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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