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Data stolen from Ticketmaster. What should we do if we have used the website? Credit Information Bureau tips

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On Sunday, Live Nation, the owner of the Ticketmaster ticket sales website, confirmed that there was an attack by hackers who stole the personal data of 560 million of their customers. The same group also stole data of some Santander bank customers. The Credit Information Bureau issued a statement on this matter.

Information about the hacker attack on Ticketmaster appeared last week. Ultimately, the company confirmed them in a filing submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Over half a billion pieces of personal data were stolen

According to reports, the hacking group is demanding a ransom of half a million dollars to prevent the data from being sold to other parties. They will have data such as: names, addresses, telephone numbers and partial credit card data of website users.

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Cybersecurity experts said the data theft from Ticketmaster is part of a larger, ongoing hack involving a cloud service provider called Snowflake that many large companies use to store data.

Snowflake has notified customers of an increase in cyber threat activity. There are also victims of these criminals Santander bank, which on Friday, May 31, reported that the data of approximately 30 million customers had been stolen.

More information can be found in: The data of over half a billion people was stolen. These are customers of the ticketing platform

BIK warns against the consequences of a leak

According to RMF24, it issued warnings in this regard Credit Information Bureau (BIK).

“What is it about? Ticketmaster, which sells tickets for various sports and cultural events around the world, was hacked and lost the data of several dozen million customers and employees. Information about accounts, payment card numbers and personal data (name, surname, e-mail address, residential address, telephone number) were leaked.” – it was reported.

As BIK wrote, “if you happen to buy tickets via Ticketmaster and you have a payment card connected there, remove it from the website.” “The card does not need to be blocked because the disclosed data does not allow it to be charged unauthorized,” it was stated in the warning quoted by RMF24.

BIK warns to be careful with contact attempts“because telephone, e-mail and address data have been leaked, fraudsters can use them for spoofing or phishing attacks, i.e. they can impersonate institutions, banks or offices and cleverly manipulate them to, for example, convince you to make a transfer or provide account login details “.

“They may also try to impersonate employees of various companies providing us services, providing our payment card details as proof,” it was stated.

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