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Davidy Bankowe. End of disciplinary proceedings in the case of policemen who crashed a police car into a tree

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The spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters informed about the end of disciplinary proceedings in the case of policemen who crashed a police car on a tree in Dawidy Bankowe near Warsaw at the beginning of January. The officers were transporting two teenagers in the vehicle. One of them was injured.

– Disciplinary proceedings regarding the incident in Dawidy Bankowe have ended. It was necessary to discontinue the disciplinary proceedings before punishing the commander of the patrol, as he was no longer subject to disciplinary jurisdiction, said Sylwester Marczak, spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters. – On the other hand, the second officer was found guilty of committing an act for which the accused was subject to disciplinary responsibility. At the same time, I would like to point out that separate criminal proceedings are being conducted by the prosecutor’s office – Marczak added.

An event in Dawidy Bankowe

The event took place at the beginning of the year in Dawidy Bankowe near Warsaw. Officers from Pruszków received a report about burning cables. As they left, they took two teenagers from the group that reported the incident to the police car. The police officer driving the police car lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. The girls themselves reported to the emergency room, one of them went to the hospital.

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Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the officers. At the same time, the capital city police chief decided to suspend the patrol commander. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw took over from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pruszków the investigation into causing the accident as well as failure to provide assistance.

In late March and early April, both officers heard charges under Article 231 paragraph 1 of the Penal Code and Art. 177 pairs 1 of the Penal Code. It is about the abuse of power.

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