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Davinopolis, Brazil. They discovered the “dinosaur graveyard” by accident

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Brazilian paleontologists have discovered a “dinosaur graveyard” in Davinopolis in the north-eastern regions of the country. For weeks, they collected skeletal parts that could give more information about the lives of these enormous reptiles. As they say, thanks to this research, they can discover new, yet unknown species of animals that lived on our planet millions of years ago.

The research began in June after the decision to build a railway line near Davinopolis in the Maranhao state was issued. In order for the works to start, it was necessary to survey the area. It turned out that there are many dinosaur remains there, which is why scientists called the region “the dinosaur graveyard”.

– Previously, there were no records of this place. The first point was to survey the site, and we are now analyzing the collected material to learn more about the diversity of dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period in what we now call Brazil, said Elver Mayers, one of the field palaeontologists.

Brazil. Huge bones were found

As his team stated, the remains may belong to the group’s dinosaurs Titanosauria – one of the largest dinosaurs that have ever walked the Earth.

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– The femur is the largest remnant we’ve found. We extracted it gradually. At first, a small piece appeared. We went on and found that it goes on. We were very surprised. We didn’t know what to expect given the bone size. It was an amazing experience. To this day, I cannot believe that I was really there – he said.

They are looking for new information

Mayers said the latest discoveries could provide fundamental information about the lives of dinosaurs that once roamed Brazil.

– We already have information on other dinosaur groups that have been studied. But with each new animal that is discovered, a new door opens, ‘he added.

Main photo source: Reuters

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